Defending the Doctor’s Wardrobe

Today, they released the Thirteenth Doctor’s outfit. I, for one, have already been in discussions about it with some of my friends. The discussion was held by two men and two women. In the end, the costume itself was met with a bit of mixed reviews. However, the majority of us still couldn’t wait for Jodie Whittaker to take her place alongside the other Doctor’s on the show.

I have had some time to actually think about the costume. I like it, and I enjoy the take on the Doctor. I decided after reading a similar review that I would like to defend it to the best of my ability and point out everything I like and, yes, dislike about it.

The long jacket fits her perfectly. The overall take of the costume is quite different than the short preview they gave us of her walking through the forest, but a similar jacket remains. By the looks of the picture, you can still see the hood that she could throw over her head. The color is lighter than the previous Doctor’s and goes very well with the other colors in the outfit.

The lower cut of the collar is definitively feminine, which this costume needs. You cannot just place a female Doctor in masculine clothes and have her run around the universe. She needs to be HER own person, and the costume needs to match. The show did something very similar to this when they re-imagined the Master as Missy.

The suspenders also add to the feminine qualities of the outfit. It outlines her feminine curves, and once again shows that she’s a woman. They also add color, much like the stripes on the shirt underneath.

The pants are nice. They’re something she can easily run in. I would hate to see her in a dress all the time as a costume. That would undermine one of the most important aspects of the Doctor, running. The pants rolled up gives her a sense of trudging through the muck of the universe, and the boots give a similar feel.

The nice thing about the boots is how they are tied ad the crease where the foot meets the calf and not all the way up. It gives her a lazy sort of feel that fits the Doctor in various aspects. They have other things to think about so half-finished ideas remain fitting. The socks match the pants. And I find that just adorable.

Overall, the costume goes well to create a look that’s different, eccentric, and keeps with the tone of the Doctor. She can run with the best of them. She looks odd enough to seem alien, but each piece she wears relates to her as a character. I can’t wait to see her in it on screen, and ,truth be told, I can’t wait for this new generation to begin.

(Image by BBC News)

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