Doctor Who Reviews – 01.00 Why Review Who?

I got into Doctor Who incredibly late. The show restarted with ‘New Who’ in 2005 with the premiere episode ‘Rose’. I had absolutely no knowledge of this series. I remember the first time someone had brought it up to me. I was not yet working at the bookstore. He had been talking to my, then future now, old boss about the series, and I butted in.

The man said that I should watch it, and I responded with “Well, if I wanted to watch it, I’d like to start at the beginning.”
He responded at me with a bit of an eye roll. “You can’t watch them all. It’d be impossible.” Now, I took this as to mean that ‘impossible’ was time constraints. It was a series that had gone on for over forty years at the time. The series had hundreds of episodes. It would take me a long time to watch it all. That was not the case.

The truth is I cannot watch them all. Many episodes have been completely lost because of the way the BBC kept their tapes. I could, however, read the stories in the printed novels, but I didn’t know that at the time. The guy irritated me (only because I was naïve), and I didn’t think anything of it for another year or so.

When I first started at the bookstore, I worked with a woman who’d seen all the series up to 2008. She told me about Captain Jack Harkness, the ambiguously pansexual character. I latched on to watching it immediately, although not Doctor Who. I started with Torchwood.

Watching Torchwood, I got a good feel of the universe. Aliens existed. This Torchwood team protected the world from that. Especially in the first series, Jack only made veiled references to the Doctor and his adventures. I knew I would get into this. I wanted in.

I started the series with the 2005 series, and breeze through the year of the Ninth Doctor and then went onward through the next three years with Ten. It was during the Tenth Doctor’s specials that I decided to join the Navy.

I was screwing around in school. I was turning my wheels in any sort of career. I was spending all my time gaming online and hardly paying any of my bills. I wanted a way out and the military seemed like the best option. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. I went to basic training for a month, and when I returned, I wanted to do a play-by-email Doctor Who game. My friend from New Jersey opted to run it.

Fast-forward three years. He offered me a place to live and I jumped at the chance. I bought a one way plane ticket. I packed up my apartment and my cat, and moved halfway across the country to live with my Doctor Who friend. I had three hundred dollars in my pocket and no job. Eight days later, I got a job at the place I’m currently leaving five years later.

Doctor Who led me to meeting my roommate and best friend. It gave me the courage to jump at chances and made my need to constantly travel flourish. Now, I am changing my life once again. I am leaving a cushy general manager position to work more on my writing and expand my professional horizons with bartending and event planning. As I make these big changes, I want to reconnect with my past. I’m going to review Doctor Who as I change the way I live my life. I am bridging the gap from the past to future. The Doctor is in.

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