Starting Over (Again)

The era has ended. I finished my last day at Two Boots. I left with a ‘see you around,’ and walked out the door. It felt like it happened very fast like time sped up towards this graduation day. At the same time, it felt like I was stuck in molasses the last few months. I needed to go for my own mental health. It was time for me to start over.

Starting over scares me a lot. It feels like I just jumped off a diving board into an empty pool. Gravity is the world and it’s about to flatten me. I think a lot of these fears come from where I️ was before Two Boots. I️ was a slightly overweight kid from South Dakota moving to the big city. I️ did not know what a budget was and did not even pay for my own cellphone bill. Now, I️ am at a new starting point. And fears aside, I️ am optimistic.

Almost two years ago, I joined the mailing list for Nerd Fitness. I needed some changes in my life and the website seemed to be right up my alley. I ended up basically letting it fall to the wayside. When I opted to start my blog, I️ knew I wanted to get back on the wagon of Nerd Fitness. This digression has a point.

Nerd Fitness wrote an article about starting over and how important it is. When thinking about writing this post, I wanted the reminder of why. To sum it up, they say when a person restarts they create a certain amount of momentum to move forward. You also have more knowledge when you start over which puts you on a different place moving forward. You can read the full article here.

Today would be an incredibly poor starting point. I woke up hung over from celebrating my Two Boots departure. I have to reschedule my week a little bit to account for a job I picked up while celebrating. Monday will be my true ‘Day One.’ I will have everything mapped out and be in the right mindset tomorrow. I have a good foundation and just need to fix a few things. Nonetheless, here is where I am at currently on my super heroic journey.

In terms of work, I have three jobs. I officially started this blog, I’ve linked it with social media, and I must continue the brand. I bartend three days a week and assist the event coordinator as needed. On Thursday, I start pouring beer in the tasting room of a local brewery. These jobs will not make me millions. They do, however, keep me surviving and my writing definitely makes me feel fulfilled. I just have to keep up with it and keep financially aware of spending.

Switching over to health and fitness, I need to work on it. I am not unhealthy in terms of weight. I am unhealthy in terms of what I put into my body. I do drink too often, which working in a bar has not helped. I need to treat drinking like an ‘event’. I plan for it and do it on days that I do not work. I also need to be cooking food at home both to lower my spending as well as making sure I am eating the right kinds of foods. Fitness is dead in my life, and I will need to work hard to resurrect over the coming weeks and onto forever.

I am starting over in a lot of ways right now. I am no longer the struggling kid from South Dakota who doesn’t know what a budget is and cannot pay his bills. I am more focused on the future. I am more well traveled. I know the city, and I have a great community both in terms of social and professional that will allow me to succeed.

It may be the end of an era, but I am more supremely optimistic. This fresh start will build me up from civilian to super hero.

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