Support Your Supporting Characters

My friends are my lifelines. That is the simplest way to start this. When I left Brookings five and a half years ago, I left behind those lifelines and thought I’d find new ones when I arrived in New Jersey. I met some very good people. When my Brookings crowd visited, the new friends and the old fit right together. It told me that we were all truly part of the same tribe.

In comic books under a great writer, the supporting characters shine just as brightly as the main character. Superman has Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Chloe Sullivan, and John Henry Irons. All of these people have stories of their own as Superman saves the day. They may not be the title characters, but they support, reassure, and pick-up the hero when they can.

When looking at turning my life into a super heroic one, I think a lot about my own supporting characters. I have my roommate, my best friends, and my family. I am trying to make it a point to support them as much as they support me.

My roommate has given me more than I can possibly return. He was the one who gave me the chance to step out of South Dakota and move to New Jersey. He also supported me when I decided to quit my cushy job at Two Boots. “You should never have to be at a job that makes you unhappy.” It’s a very true statement, but I would not have done it if he didn’t have the faith I would bounce back quickly. He also pushes me to write, and I try to push him just as much. He has written a very good novel which you can find on Amazon here. I even reviewed it, partially in hopes of him writing the second novel.

Charmaine, the self-proclaimed Advocate of Adventure, changed my life in a lot of similar ways to my roommate. When I returned from my VERY short stint in the Navy, she moved in with me hardly know me outside of spirit and personality. Her life turned around with a husband, a third child, and a job she loves. She too has published a book, which although it makes me jealous, I am truly happy for her. She constantly pushes me towards focusing on my career and this blog is inspired by her. As soon as I get my copy of her book, which you can find on Amazon as well here, I plan on reading it and doing a video about it to show my support.

My brother is another talented artist that I have in my close circle. He paints 8-bit art from images he finds on the internet. He started doing this at the Bookstore we both used to work at. He painted these large 8-bit images on each of the windows. I pushed him to get some canvases and do it for an art show here at my bartending gig. He did a great image of BB-8 from Star Wars, and I paid for him to send it out. He needs the support and reassurance to keep it going.

These people help me throughout my own journey as I struggle to survive and thrive. They push me to keep up with my writing, and they help me when the social aspects of my life get screwy and emotional. They calm me down when I over-react. They also help me keep me from going hungry or completely screwing up my life financially by just keeping on me to to not go crazy on my spending. I think it’s important to support your supporting characters in times of easy-going as well as harder ones. You never know when you’ll need the support in return.

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