Day (-) Seven

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, sort of. I have a week left before I’m completely cut off with my old job and start my regular schedule at the bar. I had to do some minor work today over the phone with my old boss, and I have my final paycheck from the restaurant coming on Friday. After this week, my new life begins.

I spoke with my therapist about the way the last few weeks have gone. I have partied too hard, I’ve been more than a little frivolous, but it has all worked out. I am in a great place, but the next few weeks will really define that.

I labeled today as Day (-) Seven because it’s the first day of my prep for my real week. There are a number of things I have to start this week to prepare for next. Some of them seem incredibly simple, and some of them I will be working on simply to get started a week before. I break this down into three different topics: Working Out, Financials, and Branding.

Starting with working out, takes on two meanings here. I work out very infrequently, and I have built myself a schedule that means I work out five days a week Monday-Friday. I need to get up in the morning and first thing I do is dress and go to the gym. This week, I need to go to the gym on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I need at least go and do some basic exercises to get myself in the groove of going. That’s super important. I️ plan to do Nerd Fitness’s body weight workout routine. I will write a quick review and link it tomorrow once I complete the gym workout.

Financials will be a little harder. On Friday, I will be getting paid out for the entirety of my vacation time which may be as much as three weeks pay. I need to use this money INCREDIBLY wisely. Once again, I spoke with my therapist about this. I can do one big expenditure, which will be a trip to New Orleans, and a smaller expenditure to actually celebrate the end of an era. That is the big one. However, I also need to talk to my bank about my checking account now that I no longer have a direct deposit coming in every week. I do not need extra fines. Finally, the rest of the money really needs to go onto my credit cards so I don’t have any other added expenses.

The most important thing on this list is building my brand. This blog right here is a fun time. I’m getting myself settled and ready for the call to adventure. I have already answered the call, but the static energy remains waiting. These battles above may not be against giants, but these small battles will define my later victories or potential failures. I need to keep blogging. I need to keep writing. All of these little things will turn me into the hero I know I can become. But it takes one small step at a time.

I don’t know all the monsters around every corner, but I do know my worst enemy is myself. If I can fight him back right now at the beginning, he’ll be a much easier villain to defeat later in the story. I can do this. I already see myself as a superhero. Now, I just need to make it a reality.

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