Gym Day 00.01

In my last post, I mentioned going to the gym. The story about my financial predicament took a bit of precedence over the actual event of GOING TO THE GYM. It was an easy-ish day, because I know starting out the most important part is just making my way to it.

I️ go to New York Sports Club in Bayonne. I chose NYSC because of the pool. I have always wanted to get into swimming. I️ enjoy swimming, although I️ am not great at it. There are actually gyms a bit closer, but the idea of the pool drew me to it. The plus was that my roommate has relatives who work there which actually adds to my enjoyment when I️ go.

I️ get my work-out strategy directly from Nerd Fitness. Their body weight work-out was one of the primer articles I read when I first started reading their website. You can find Nerd Fitness’s Beginners Body-Weight Workout here. I will not go into the details of it outside of what I do below. The article is really informative and I cannot thank the people over at that website enough for being my go-to starting workout.

My work-out generally starts on the way to the gym. In the more mild months, I like to run over which acts as my warm-up. It’s a simple run and comes to about three-quarters of a mile. It takes me about five or six minutes, and by the time I get to the gym, I can get started right on my work-out. Yesterday, I didn’t run. My coat tends to weigh me down, and I can’t get a good stride in.

(Note: Music is important during a workout. During running, the proper music can help your stride. While weight training and such, it can keep you focused on breathing. I never chose the right type of music. My music stylings depend on my mood. Sometimes, I️ can listen to ballads and be just as focused as if I’m listening to country music. Yesterday, The Mowglis were my band of choice).

Instead, I started with five minutes on the elliptical. I️ lowered the incline and just worked through the five minutes trying to not over exert myself too much. The initial workout needs to get your blood pumping and get you ready. I promptly moved upstairs to begin my actual workout.

As Nerd Fitness’s workout states, I do a circuit. I start with body-weight squats, move on to pushups, body-weight lunges, weighed rows, then a plank, and finally jumping jacks for a short cardio stint.

My workout yesterday remained close to what they give as a starting point. I began with 20 body-weight squads. I then did twenty push-ups. For the push-ups, I tend to try to go all the way down to the ground. I like a good formed low push-up. I️ just wish I could do more. (And that’s my goal). I follow the push-ups with 10 body-weight lunges on each leg. For the rows, I did 20lbs on each arm. Instead of a 15 second plank, I did 30 seconds. Finally, I finished with the pre-requisite 30 jumping jacks.

As you can see, I just followed the website. After the initial set, I definitely felt some tightness on the inside of my thighs. During my second run through of the circuit, the tightness vanished.

When I completed the workout, I did minor stretching, which is definitely something I need to work on moving forward. My friend in Houston tends to start and end his workout with some Yoga poses, and I may start doing that as I go along.

I️ completed the workout, which was the important thing. Now, I have two more this week. I need to plan my workouts for next week and make sure I go shopping for good food to compliments good fitness.

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