Doctor Who Review 01.01 ‘Rose’

“Rose” re-started it all. She woke up from her bed and pulled the audience through her day. She found herself at the gate of adventure, and like many heroes turned away. It was not until the adventure found her once more than she knew she could not leave it behind. She beat the plastic mannequins with what skills she had. Then, she chose to live the normal life when the Doctor gave her the option to follow him. Regret filled her as soon as his ship vanished, and when he returned, she could not say no again. An old hero, a new companion, and more great stories are to follow.

Rose always seems like a polarizing character for the fandom. And I can understand it. She starts out as the young naïve girl who’s traveling with someone clearly alien. She makes a point of it throughout the episode to tell him how alien he is. He forgets about Mickey on numerous occasions. He has a spaceship that’s bigger on the inside. He seems to intrinsically know about the worlds beyond the stars. His elitist attitude towards her and seemingly all humans shows her that although he looks human he’s not. Which is why I love her the most with Nine.

Nine, in this episode, mostly ignores her. He sees the potential in her at the end of the episode when, even after he tells her to run, she stays and helps him. Rose finally seems to understand the Doctor.

Earlier in the episode, she was mystified by him. She saw him blow up the store she worked at. He showed up at her house with that eccentric nature of his and questions things. The living plastic arm attacked her. Then, he simply left. She chased after him, and when she looked away for a second. He vanished.

She did not let up. She wanted to know more and found the ‘Who?’ website. Even this minor search led her further down the rabbit hole. Mickey was captured by the Nestene Consciousness, and the Doctor once again comes into her life and upturns it.

In the end, the Doctor saves the day, but Rose has already changed. The Doctor had showed her the stage beyond the curtain. He pulled it back and let her peak inside and she kept searching for an entrance. The idea that the world was that much bigger scared her, and the way it effected Mickey initially led it to her wanting to stay behind. The Doctor gave her a second chance and she went for it. She wanted the explore the universe. She wanted to see different times. She then went into the TARDIS running.

‘Rose’ provides a strong introduction to the series and allows for people to get involved with the audience stand-in of the companion. We all have worked mundane jobs. We all have the chance to do great things. We all have the chance for adventure. We are going to be afraid to take it, but taking a chance could change our lives. It sets up the same foundation that has made Doctor Who great, and bring an entire new audience to explore and enjoy.

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