Day (-) Four

My butt hurts. And before you give me that weird look and think I’m turning this into something naughty, the pain definitely comes from the lunges and squats. My upper arms feel tired. Although this sounds like I should just sit around and do nothing to relieve the body stresses, I could not be happier.

I went to the gym again today. I did the same workout I did on Tuesday, except the rows were with twenty-five pounds instead of twenty. It was nicer outside than last time. I was sweating just in my winter coat, and then by the time I was done with my workout I was covered in sweat. I was working out and it was fantastic. Consistency may still be an issue, but I’m just starting out and am building the momentum needed to continue. Consistency remains my weakest point, but in a close seconds comes….food.

I eat horribly. My roommate running comment is “Why aren’t you fat?” He watches as I down four tacos and two Dr. Peppers before just going right to bed. He walks around as much as I do, and yet I am a twig. He is not. Over the last month, I have noticed I have put on some weight. Most people will think, by that statement, I have put on ten or twenty pounds. I put on five but I notice it around my waist almost instantly.

You probably don’t know from looking at me, but I have body issues. It’s one of the reasons why I am trying to focus on working out and the overall health of my life. When I moved here, I weighed close to 190. I lost thirty pounds my first few months here. I have never been fat, but I hold my weight around my center and in my face. It makes me look and feel much bigger than I am. It did not help that I was teased by the people closest to me. I was the biggest, and they treated me as if I was much heavier. It got to me and still does. When the scale tips over 160, I start having a minor freak out.

Even yesterday, I started my day with almonds and coffee. I always have a trenta coffee with soy milk, five raw sugars, and a shot of espresso. Then once I got to work, I had seven tofu wings, a plate of nachos, a cosmo, and an iron bound cider. That is a lot of calories throughout the day and none of them really healthy. I need to get this under control. I need to start cooking at home. My best friend always said ‘Abs are Made in the Kitchen’. And even Nerd Fitness says ‘You can’t outrun your fork’. This is a weakness. I need to turn it into a strength.

Setting up for my big start next week is going okay. I have gone to the gym. I am pointing out my weaknesses. Finances are going well, but the nutrition part will need to be a focus. One more day closer, and it’s mostly positive which is a great place to be when Day One comes around.

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