Day (-) Three

I wept. I finished my first weekly book last night, and I openly wept at the end. It was an amazing moment where all the plot comes together, and it ends unexpectedly happy. That was the good part of the last twenty-four hours. It has been a bit of a child’s roller coaster ride.

One of the big draws for this week NOT being my official ‘Week One’ was because of the payout for my vacation time. Granted, I was smart enough not to build my budget around this. I just hoped for it, and knew that it was coming. You can guess where this is going. I woke up this morning at 5:30am, rolled over, checked my found, and found out the money for my vacation time was not in my account. I got my regular weekly wage, but a solid two weeks of vacation that should have been paid out … not there.

That was the irritating fact about my morning. I hastily looked at my budget. I could easily pay everything on it, but my roommate did not want me to pay him in advance for rent. I already paid through December, and he refused to take January money until December was officially paid. I proceeded to buy my plane ticket to New Orleans, and then five hours later, get a new tattoo.

Yesterday, I spoke about weaknesses. Emotional shopping is one of them. I also bought quite a few audio dramas from Big Finish Productions. I want to listen and review the lot of them which gives me quite a bit of material to write about.

I am not behind on anything. I am actually ahead on my credit card payments and my cell phone bill. I have put (some) money already towards January rent. Everything else has been accounted for with the money in the bank. Now, I am just trying to figure out what went wrong with the vacation time. It’s a waiting game for the store’s accountant to play intermediary between our payroll company and me.

The rest of my day is basically going to be a rest day. I am hanging out with my roommate in a bit of a somber affair, and after typing this up, I will probably get back to reading my new book. I chose something that was completely the opposite of “The Rules of Magic” by Alice Hoffman. Instead of the dreamy, magical store about family, I am reading “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess about a young man addicted to violence.

Yesterday, I started working at the brewery, although I have no idea when my next shift will be. It was fairly simple and made me a few more dollars in my pocket for an evening of basically hanging out and talking about beer.

Overall, I think today will be spent relaxing and making plans for the blog and preparing for a real week of writing work, exercising, and reviewing everything I love in the world. It’s an easy day, and here’s hoping that vacation-pay issue gets fixed promptly.

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