Building Your Character

Role playing changed my life. I met a friend who gave me a chance to move across the country. The characters we play together have taken me to a multitude of universes, planets, and times that I myself do not have a chance at every actually going. At the same time, creating these characters allows me to take parts of myself and expand on them, perfect them, and allow me to be someone else.

But, what if I just did that for myself?

Okay, here me out here. When you build a character, you start out at a certain place. You have this many points to point in your skills, you have another set of points to put in abilities, and finally, you put a certain amount of points in powers. Then, you take weaknesses to give you MORE points to put elsewhere. It’s a simple concept, but can take hours to make the perfect character. As you play the game, you gain more experience and you can buy more things.

I am a character who is already built. But, I figured to have a little bit of fun. I would use pieces of a character sheet from “Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition” to explain/build myself. Without knowing where you start, you can never expand your attributes or fight your weaknesses.

The basic abilities in the game are strength, stamina, agility, dexterity, fighting, intellect, awareness, and presence.

I have average strength. I can easily do most body weight exercises. I can lift and move the prerequisite amount at any job (generally 50 lbs) with no real trouble. I cannot do pull-ups well, but they work muscles I do not normally use. It’s a start.

My stamina fluctuates based on what I eat. If I drink water all day for a couple days and cut out the caffeine, I can easily go out and run a 5k. If I drink myself into oblivion, I can hardly stay awake the next morning let alone think about going to the gym. I do have high energy which I think would also fix into this, and I have a tendency to try to keep an upbeat attitude when around people with lower energy. My stamina probably sits at a little above average, especially in the sedentary culture we live.

Agility and Dexterity are both things I lack. I would definitely say below average. I am not flexible and it’s something I need to work on. I also can’t catch things well. My hand eye coordination remains lacking. Some of this, I can work on in terms of doing yoga and just practicing catching or playing a sport. I do not sport, but yoga may be something I look to in my future.

I have no fighting skill at all. I did one day at a kick boxing class, and although I do want to go back,I currently do not have the money for it. It really sucks because they’re doing some serious deals right now with the 20th Anniversary. I just don’t have 79 dollars a month to put to anything that isn’t absolutely needed in my life.

People tell me I am smart. I do not see it. I have a lot of information locked away in my mind that comes down to comic books, Doctor Who, and geeky movies. I do take in a lot of information and repetition helps as it does with anyone. I do try to learn all the time. I’m currently reading A Clockwork Orange, because I originally found it complicated. I want to be better at writing, which also takes work and knowledge of weakness.I definitely have common sense. I guess, I would place my intellect as average.

I look at awareness as two things. Perception. Empathy. Perception would be the idea that I notice things around me. I am oblivious to these things. I would go to definitely being the low end of average in perception. I cannot Sherlock Holmes my way in a room, nor can I see what’s right in front of me the most time. Empathy, however, is another story. I tend to notice when people have issues or are off. I can understand the people in front of me, and I work well with them. I think that would put my awareness at an average as well.

Finally, let’s talk about presence. This I would say I have above average. My friends and I recently discussed which tropes we were from ‘tv tropes’. My friend labeled me the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I have a tendency to wrap people up in my life and things actually seem to be a little bit better for it. We go on adventure, and we find ourselves in a whirlwind journey towards somewhere new. I definitely have an above average presence.

I have two things left to talk about: skills and weaknesses.

I have a variety of skills that I use regularly. I can mix drinks at the bar. I can cook. I was a general manager at a restaurant for a number of years. I write regularly. I know a little bit about exercise, and a little bit about fashion. I acted for a while in college. I have a mediocre singing voice, but can hold a tune well enough. My knowledge of comic books and Doctor Who surpass average. I can drive a car. All these things are a good set of skills for a starting character.

When I was deciding to write this piece, I was thinking about several major weaknesses that I have. Impulsivity is my biggest one. I have bad things happens and I go write to spending money or sex to make me feel better. Neither one are healthy, especially with the current predicament I am in with my transition from one job to the other. Saving money is another. I have a good budget that if I’d stick with, I would probably be doing well. The problem is the impulsivity to spend. Nutrition is my high weakness and ties in with drinking too much, eating out, and just overall doing things that are bad for my body.

Low Self-Esteem is my final weakness. I am not healthy enough. I am not thin enough. I am not pretty enough. I don’t have enough money. Not enough. I can generally fight this back, but when someone comments on me being fat, my looks, or anything it cuts right to my heart. My self-esteem is my biggest weakness and that will just take me working every day to build it up so it doesn’t easily come crumbling down.

Well, that is me in a nutshell. That’s my starting character. Now that I have that, I can start building more experience and gaining higher stats to fight the villains of this world. Knowing here you start is the beginning of the journey to be the superhero you need to become.

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