Day (-) Two

The rest of my day was an interesting day. I spent enough more money. I paid even less attention to what I was eating. I basically just turned myself into a pile of manure of vegged out all day. Then, I talked about role playing at a wake and went home to do nothing else except read.

I would call the end of Day (-) Three a true failure.

Yesterday had to be different.

I woke up yesterday morning and I went to the gym. It was once again a pretty easy day. I knew that I needed to focus on getting to the gym this week. I did the exercises. I watched myself in one of the big mirrors and just tried to keep my form good. The body-weight workout makes me feel like my entire body is working. When I finish, I am covered in sweat and my body aches a dull ache. I know I did something.

I went home and got a semi-surprising package from my best friend. Charmaine “Advocate of Adventure” Houck sent me her book. It sent an interesting thrill through me to actually have a copy of it in my possession. It instantly went to the ‘next book I’m reading‘ on my list.

Her book also acted as a bit of a kick in the butt for me to finish the novella I have been working on. I want to have my first novella done by the end of the month. I have put Monday as the day I ‘Frankenstein’ the pieces together to form a completed work. Tuesday will be the day I edit the entire piece to fit together. Then, I will send it all to her and have Charmaine, my editor, and have her edit the entire novella.

Monday is to be the start of my new life. I was supposed to be done with Two Boots. I was supposed to have my last check and have paid off my credit cards. There was problems with that. So, I impulsively spent money. I just hope that today we make a goo amount to help get me headed in the right direction again.

I am laying down new tenements for spending. I can buy no new books until I have 10 reviewed. I can buy no more audio dramas until I have 10 reviewed. I can eat out once a week on Saturday before work as a treat. I must only buy food at grocery stories. Starbucks will be my morning/working coffee. I can only drink once a week. I must buy food for home before I go out drinking. I leave my credit cards at home and only spend cash at the bars. I deposit all my tips for the rest of November. Everything for “Rent” goes onto my credit cards and is NOT to be spent.

This needs to be my new life. I need to reign in my impulsive nature. I can do all this.I can do better than I have been. I am a superhero. I need to start adhering to my tenements and truly live the superhero life.

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