Day (-) One

Tomorrow is the big day. Day one. In reality, not much will change. I will get up in the morning, go to the gym, hang out with my roommate, and then make my way into Jersey City to get some event work done and hang out. Symbolically, it represents a major shift in my life.

All the money I now have coming into my life comes from tips. I have to budget accordingly to make sure I do not fall behind. I am no longer tethered to a restaurant outside of the days I work. I have the time to write and no distractions to do so. I have. A money to buy food and cook, and time to workout and get fit. The hardest part about all this is stepping up and doing it.

I need a plan of attack. What should ‘Day One’ look like?

I need to get up and exercise. I thought about starting a new workout routine and bring in weights, but as I sat down, I realized I need to keep with the simply body-weight workout. I will do that three times a week, and two cardio three times a week with Sunday being my rest day. That will be the start of my day every day except Sundays.

Then, I will shower. That’s the basic structure of my ‘morning’. If I am smart enough to buy food at home, I will have something small to eat.

Tomorrow, I plan to hang out with my roommate in the afternoon to give myself a bit of free time. I asked to join his gaming group on Fridays, and I need to create a character to do so. It’s bit exciting to be back in the gaming world. I also hope to actually start running a game with him sometime during the week in a different system (Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition). That is, if I learn the system.

Most days after showering, I will head into Jersey City. On the light rail, I will read whatever book I have in my bag. Right now, it’s A Clockwork Orange. Then, I will do my blog posts. I will get some writing on my novel done. I will draw a bit with my iPencil on my tablet, and then head home. Napping with commence with waking up to virtually hang out with my roommate some more.

Tomorrow and Tuesday, I have some other plans outside of working out and blog posts. I want to nip and tuck the first part of my novel. I completed the first draft back at the end of June. I changed it pretty considerably since then, but do not have another completed draft. My goal is to finish ‘Part One: Powers’ by Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday will be a very aggravating day for me, but I want Wednesday morning to be my deadline for Part One. Then, I can get started on the next part.

I want to create this laissez-faire productive attitude where things get done, and I can easily keep up with things. One step at a time. I need this to become my life. Blogger. Novelist. Fitness Guru. Traveler. That’s the superhero I want to be. That’s the life I want to lead. And with small steps, I will be living that superhero life.

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