100 Days Healthier Me – Day Three

I do need to prepare for the weekend. Unlike most people, my weekend means work. I have a long weekend with a full twelve hours on Saturday and my first major solo event on Sunday. Both should make me a decent amount of money, but there in lies one of the problems.

As I stated yesterday, I have impulse issues. Even if I make a considerable amount of money, I need to make sure that I’m able to actually use that money properly. As much as I’d like to lie to myself, I cannot say that the books I order are actually ‘needed’. Sure, I plan to use them for my blog, but needed is not what they are. The same goes for half the other stuff I end up spending my money on.

Currently, I need to prepare for the money I am going to get. I need to leave my credit cards at home and stash them in my secret spot. That won’t necessarily stop me from using them completely, but it will definitely help me from not using them on a daily basis. That’s one way to help prepare for this. The other is to make sure that I actually do what I plan to with my money immediately.

My general rule of thumb is deposit all the money as soon as I get it. Then, I get an Uber or Lyft home and while in the car, I put the money on my credit cards. On Wednesday, I stupidly logged into Amazon. That led to me finishing all this when I got home instead of actually doing what I should have with the money. The only real preparation is actually leaving the cards at home and committing.

The second thing I need to commit to is writing my novel. That one might be a lot easier. I am not going to have a late night tonight, which means I can actually get up and do it tomorrow before work. I have the first part almost completed (again). The biggest challenge over the next few days will be printing it out and editing it to actually be coherent.

I recently looked back at old drafts and pulled scenes that I enjoyed and wanted in the finished copy. I then copy and pasted them in a master document. These scenes do not all work with the new material and I need to go back and do some major rewrites. However, it is basically how I want the novel to be. That’s great, but it also means a lot of work. I wanted to have it done by this weekend, but I do not think that is going to happen.

I do need to have it done by Wednesday. Wednesday is my next deadline for my editor, and I want to be able to give her the entire first part. It’ll put me ahead of schedule and allow me to begin to work on the next part. That means writing this weekend and finishing things.

So, here is what I need to do. I need to leave my credit cards at home. I need to deposit money after work. I need to then pay part of my credit cards from this money. I need to write and finish the basic additions. I need to print out the entire novella and begin rewrites. I need to exercise the next two days.

This is all doable. I can do this. I can be the superhero I need to be. That’s the goal. That’s the plan.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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