100 Days Healthier Me – Day Two

What didn’t work today and what did? That’s the big question with Charmaine Houck’s 100 Days to a Healthier Me day number two.

It was a weird day for me overall, but I know impulse control issues is where I am going to have a variety of my problems. I spent a bunch of money on Eighth Doctor novels I have been meaning to get. I put a little bit of money on my credit cards, and cannot seem to get Spotify to accept any of my money to re-up my account for the month. I also have spent twenty minutes on the phone trying to get Amazon to realize that I no longer have the card these third party vendors are going to try to charge.

First, I probably should not have bought the books. I got it in my head I wanted them, so I got them. I need to find a way to make it harder for me to do these impulsive things. I want a lot of things in my life and I am a completist. I have all the Eighth Doctor comics, I have the start of all the Eighth Doctor audio dramas, I need some of the Eighth Doctor books. Then, when I went for buying one I ended up buying eight. I need to find a way to temper these ‘needs’, especially when things very soon start to get tighter.

Secondly, I did got to the gym and did my body weight workout. That’s a positive thing. I did not eat healthier however. I planned on bringing my taco tofu crumbles to work to eat with nachos. I forgot them. This lead to me eating tofu wings that although good, are friend and not exactly healthy for you. I think making notes will help me out here. I can probably find a way to remind myself to grab things even when I’m rushing to head out the door. I have food at home and need to be bringing it with me and eating it to make what I eat both larger and healthier.

Thirdly, I get a lot done at Starbucks when I am working there. I sit down and it seems to flow out of me. I have my coffee. I chat a bit with my friends online, but I get things done. It was hardly my best day at Starbucks, but it definitely was more than a little productive. I wrote my blog post. I wrote a second blog post. I read the comic book I wanted to review. I worked on my novel. Starbucks works really well for me in terms of getting things done. That’s a very good thing to know.

My three large takeaways give me a lot to think about and much to work on. It’s a stepping stone forward. I think I need to work harder on keeping my financials on point and micromanage them. Everything I spend needs to be written down like a checkbook. Label things I need as “good” and things I want as “bad” and start taking note. There is a difference. If I have this sight in front of me maybe it’ll help deter me a bit. I need to do more checklists to make me remember things. And work more at Starbucks. Let’s start with this and see where it goes.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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