What I’m Thankful For…

Even lazy days like yesterday have a lot to offer. I did not go to the gym, and I ate my weight in food. I made some money Wednesday night, put a bit on my credit cards, and bought more stuff to read and review. You’re probably look at all these things, and then rereading the first sentence. I get it. What’s the positive?

It was Thanksgiving. It was a holiday that even if it was originally built on the oppression of the indigenous people, doesn’t have to be. People sucked. People destroyed each other for no reason than the idea one was better than the other. And that cannot be forgotten for a turkey. But, ideas can be treated from events that supersede them. I believe thanksgiving does that. It should be a holiday that stands against bigotry and lack of compassion.

My great grandmother was one of the nicest, funniest, and hard working people I know. She would make everything for Thanksgiving. It was a fairly classic recipe. We had turkey, stuffing she made inside the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberries from a can. My entire family would come together at her house to eat this. My young cousins and I would be sent away to a smaller table in another room because there was too many of us to fit in the dining room. We ate. We played. The adults conversed. As an adult, I am sure there was alcohol somewhere, but it never seemed to be any sort of issue. It was a fun time and not-too much of the rosy glow of remembrance fogs what actually happened.

I should note that my family is mixed. My great grandmother was a full-blooded German, but her son married a Lakota Sioux Indian woman. All my cousins were part native. My family and my grandmother were the only completely white people at the table, but none of this ever mattered. I did not even really think of it unless someone brought up some sort of government assistance that my relatives got from time to time. Difference didn’t matter. We were family.

My great grandmother died a few years ago. It was the last time we had seen the family all together. Since I have lived out in New York, I have not been home for any holiday. I’ve missed my nephews scarfing down turkey. I’ve missed them opening presents on Christmas. I’ve missed them getting their Easter baskets. I miss a lot. I miss something that never was with them as well. I miss that they don’t get these same kind of vivid holidays that I got.

I have a lot to be thankful for. And this is the time of year that we should really be thinking about that. Yes, there will be fights at some thanksgiving day tables. There will be stresses coming from holiday shopping and getting the right gift. Travel anxiety will abound for those who adventure away from their homes. But, you have something in your life that’s going for you.

I know that I can be thankful for my mind for stories, my body for my health, and my job for money. My friends keep me going every day, and I’m thankful for them. I am incredibly blessed with a loving family. I’m thankful for my books, my cat, and my roommate. There’s so much to list, and so much thanks to give. I just hope that I can spread these thanks and the blessing that I have been given throughout the year. And in all honesty, I hope to make someone feel as blessed for me being in their life as I do for all the great people in mine.

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