100 Days Healthier Me – Day Eight

Day 8

Who knew it could be so hard to get yourself out of bed and walk?

That was what Charmaine Houck – Advocate of Adventure wanted me to do today for 100 Days for a Healthier Me. She wanted me to go out and walk for fifteen minutes. Normally, that would be something easy. I would put in my headphones and drown out the world and just walk.

I would probably have gone for a walking trip much longer than fifteen minutes. Heck, I have walked almost the entirely of the peninsula on days that I was supposed to just go out and walk.  Today, I walked for fifteen minutes and really just wanted to be in bed.

This challenge, like this blog, is not so much about actually losing weight but holding myself accountable. I am to be accountable to two posts a day and one of those posts needs to be me doing whatever my friends wishes of me for a healthier life.

So, I did it. I walked around the block listening to Stevie Nicks on my phone. I was wearing my crappy headphones that let in all the sounds of the world. I did not bother to even tie my shoes, which led me to tripping on a sewer lid in the ground. It was an interesting experience. It felt good to have the wind blowing on my wounds, giving them a little bit of a cool restoration.

These next few days are going to be tough for a variety of reasons, and I need to use this blog to the best of my ability to keep from finding myself in a hole of nothingness. After a dentist appointment, I work tomorrow. That means that I have to smile to the best of my ability and sell tastes of beer at the brewery. Then, I have two days off to once again just rest up.

I wil also be getting my keyboard either tomorrow or Friday. I should get my tablet today and can start setting it up with all the things I need to get it up to snuff. That’ll make these blog posts easier. The lack of alcohol will definitely help with a healthier me, but I can’t let everything else fall to the wayside. This is my life, and I am taking control of it.

I will be in the best health I can be. I will be in the best shape I can be. And I have to give a special thanks to Charmaine for starting me on this path and allowing me to keep on it. It may seem weird, but these little things are helping me from simply falling into a hole of despair over money, work, and just everything else. Mental health is very important, especially when getting yourself in the right headspace to succeed. Right now, she’s helping me keep going. I’m not laying around doing nothing. I had to get up and walk around town. That’s setting me up the path to continue my healthy journey and for that the thanks is priceless.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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