Trudging Along

I had to get off my butt yesterday. My face was not going to simply heal over night, and it still hurts. It’s a dull pain every time I stretch my upper lip. I have a hard core resting bitch face that looks like I glared too long at someone and they slugged me. I took yesterday off work today in hopes of just resting. I need to get up and at least do something creative. I have got to reclaim my life. That means I have to live it as I heal.

My plan for today is mostly laying around. I have to get out of the house and walk. My tablet should get here sometime in the afternoon. Everything else will begin getting here tomorrow so I can get started working on the things that really matter like more blog posts, my novel, and even beginning to bulk up my social media.

The biggest takeaway from all this is me giving up alcohol for the next 100. Do I think I’ll drink it again? Probably, but I need to get myself in a much better place. Charmaine wrote today on her Advocate of Adventure site about how her relationship is forever changed because of a year without alcohol. (You can find the post here.) You’d think mine would have been changed when I was mugged the first time when drinking, when I was black-out drunk and lost my glasses, but nope, I am thick headed and it’s taking me a lot longer to learn a simple lesson. Responsibility.

Peter Parker always said “With great power comes great responsibility.” But, everyone has a responsibility to themselves to be the best person they can be. We need to be writing that book we want to write. We need to be training to run that marathon we always talked about running. We need to be drawing that comic book we keep talking about. Life is a responsibility, and we have to be treating it like this great power.

We all have the chance to change the world. You can give someone a smile, and it’ll brighten their day. I once did this unknowingly to someone at the pizzeria. He looked sad. I told him to perk up and that everything will work out alright. He remembered that when he came in the next time and thanked me months later. i didn’t even remember saying it to him, nor did I remember him when he came in to thank me. I know that I have said things like that before, and he said it was me, so I just accepted his thanks and gave him a nervous smile.

I was not responsible with my body. I was not good to myself. I quite literally treated myself like garbage once again and now have to pick up the pieces. It’s good to hit rock bottom only for the chance of picking yourself up and reaching out for the person you need to be. We all stumble, but only by picking yourself up can you continue to fly.

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