Rewrite This Story

The past few days have been a trial. One thing after the other keeps coming up. I lost something with my backpack. I will never look in the mirror and see the same person. I have not gotten anything done I normally do daily. I don’t have the right equipment. It makes it really hard to simply keep positive.

This will probably be my last full post about everything that happened early Tuesday morning. It’s dwelling, which is something that I do not want to do. Instead, I want to be moving forward and trying to find the new me that stares back in the mirror.

So, where does this story start?

It starts right now. It begins with this guy with a broken tooth and busted lip. His face has a large scar right under the eye from where he fell. When you shake his hands, he flinches slightly as you touch the edge of his palm which still hurts him. He gives you a smile, which makes his eyes squint, but his lips turn up slightly so you know he’s happy. He actually has a poor homeless look about him, which isn’t far from the truth. He has negative money in his bank account and is going to work today just to pay that off in tips. It’s a new start, but that doesn’t make it an easy one.

First things, I do need to take things slow. I can’t just rush into life pretending the massacre of my face and body didn’t happen. I have an upcoming dentist appointment which will let me know about my tooth. My face is healing, albeit way slower than I wish. My knees are no longer bothering me, and I’ve kept up with my blog posting.

Secondly, I need to simply get back on track. I have to reprint out my novella, and then continue editing it. I may actually get some money tomorrow from the pizza job that may help me catch back up to where I was. That wasn’t the “putting me well over”, but it’s a start. My spending needs to be only on bills, food, and coffee until March. That will be a hard one, but is needed to get myself back on track and pay for this tooth issue.

Finally, I need to smile more. My lip is busted and broken, but smiling raises endorphins. It makes you happy just knowing your smiling. It may be weird the way my smile looks, with a closed mouth my big broken middle of my lip blocks it out, and a wide smile shows my broken tooth. This is me for the time being, and I can change it, but I need to also accept it. I need to remember it and learn from it and not cringe or deny it. I made the mistakes, or had the mistakes happen to me. That’s still a trial of not knowing, but it’s all about moving forward and being better. That’s how you live the superhero life.

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