Back in the Game

I have my tablet and keyboard back.

I stood down there in my running shorts and black shirt. I sat on my phone checking back time and again in hopes of actually getting the little green Amazon truck one step closer. A few minutes before that, I ran outside to my roommate. I bounced a little waiting for this keyboard. I was more excited than I cared to admit.

For the last couple days, I have been writing on my computer in my bedroom. It has not been all that bad. It’s kept me going when I did not have any other way to get out my blog posts, or the words I wanted. It’s nice to have this back. It’s good to hear the keys click in a way that I knew they would. It’s amazing to look at my screen and see the words scamper over them. It’s like coming home again.

You might think I’m weird. That’s okay. But I have begun to believe that this tablet and keyboard are one of my writing totems. They help me write. They put me in the right frame of mind. I pulled them out of my bag, and I knew without a doubt I was going to work.

I have stated before that sitting in my room writing always felt hard. It felt even harder as I looked at my keyboard. It sat in the corner and actually felt like work as I wrote the posts about my accident, about my healthy days, and just about finding yourself. I sat down to write these and the words just flowed out. My fingers sprint across the page, and I honestly can’t wait to get started on the next project.

I’m being a bit of a word nerd. I’m okay with that. With my talismans back, I can finally fly again and move much quicker through this superhero life.

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