Call to Adventure

Every hero has that moment when adventure lurks, and they do not know whether or not to take the step forward or go back to their life of the mundane. I never really saw myself as mundane. Growing up, I liked things that other people did not like to my level. They read an issue of a comic and tossed it aside, I devoured it and wanted to know more. They played a video game and beat it. I wrote stories about it. I searched for the adventure outside the ones presented.

When looking at your life, you have to see certain moments as those calls. Sometimes, you eat a box of donuts you hate. The realization comes over you that you need to make a change. You put on a shirt that doesn’t fit well. You know you have to do something. You could be like me and pick up a notebook with a story that you never finished and know you need to finish it. We, as superheroes, need to see these moments as a call to adventure and take it willingly.

I made it sound ridiculously easy, and I’m sorry to say it’s not. Some people will just continue to eat the donuts and say they will do things later. Others will throw the shirt away. I could have very easily just put down the notebook and went on to writing something else. These too are parts of a heroes journey. It’s the failure to answer.

I’ve been writing a lot about my recent mishaps, and to a large extent, this was my failure to answer. I keep writing about wanting to be a hero. I write about getting my finances in order. I write about keeping up with my blog and writing my novella. In the end, this last week I’ve done very little of all those things. I made a clustered mess of everything, because of my failure to truly answer the call. I was lucky, things turned around, but it all starts with you.

You are the hero of your story. You have all the potential in the world to change. If you want to stop eating crappy food, you should look up a couple of new recipes for tasty healthy treats and use that as a starting point. If you can’t fit into that shirt, maybe just go out and take a ten or fifteen minute walk to get yourself started exercising. Me, I need to sit down and actually tell the story I set out to tell.

Being a superhero is never easy, even learning to live a life like one, but little steps can help push us in the right direction. It does all start with you. Envision the hero in your life and head towards it. Understand that there’s going to be trials along the way, but even with those trials, you’ll find help if you’re looking out for it. This is how you reclaim your heroic identity and begin living the superhero life once more.

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