Meeting the Mentor

Meeting the Mentor is the second step of a heroes journey, and this is where things get a little more complicated. Luke Skyler had Obi-Wan. Superman had his own father Jor-El. Diana of Themyscira had Steve Trevor (or Julia Kapatelis). Everyone needs someone to help them out in this new world that they find themselves in once they’ve heard the Call to Adventure.

I have two mentors, and they’re pretty different. They both found me when I was heading on another adventure in the Navy, and that’s when they both cemented themselves in my life. These two people are none other than the Advocate of Adventure herself, Charmaine Houck, and my loving and kind roommate, Marc Yelverton.

I’ve mentioned both of these two here before on numerous occasions, although I tend to keep Marc’s name out of things. (I’m never sure how people feel about being the center of attention on a blog). They’re both my lifelines.

Marc writes in a brilliant universe thatI keep learning about every day. He has one self-published novel, and by the inner workings of his mind, hundreds of more ready to burst out. We game together online every few days, and he runs a table-top game that I take part in. Our life together revolves around heroes. We watch them on tv. We write about them. We play them in games.

Charmaine, on the other hand, writes about her life experiences. She tells true world adventure stories of parenthood and community. She and I have had many adventures of our own from New York, New Orleans, and the Twin Cities. We have many more on the docket. She also is moving on to the next stage of her professional life and I’m riding the waves behind her, hopefully, keeping her steady on her board to nail the landing. She works as my editor, agent, and everything else a writer needs. She’s truly fantastic.

In these stories, the mentors tend to lead the hero into the unknown. Charmaine is definitely helping me there. She just published her own book and has a good grasp on how to get things going with my own. Marc helps me turn a good idea into a great story. He understands the ins and outs of storytelling like the best. They’re going to be the sorcerers in my story to help lead me forward, keep me on track, and help me thrive.

However, take heed heroes, the mentor will not always be there. The upcoming trials and tribulations that you will go through, the curve balls that life throws at you, sometimes they are not going to be there. You will have to rely on your own wits or others to help you get to where you need. They’re just there at the start of your journey to help you on through the first part. I’m lucky that Charmaine and Marc will be around for most of it, but even as I answer the call, I know they can only push me so far. The rest of the journey will be mine to fight through, but I know they’ll help me wherever they can. And I’ll support them in return.

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