Tests – Hero’s Journey

The world has become a larger place of mystery and excitement. Our mentor stands by us to help us along the way. We’ve pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone. Did I say Crossing the Threshold was the hard part? It only gets harder.

I made a decision to quit my cushy job only two months ago. Originally, I wanted to wait to the end of the fourth fiscal quarter. It would have given me much more time to get myself in order. I could have put some money away, and got myself in a nice position. But, I didn’t.

I had felt the Call to Adventure. I needed to get out. I needed to leave that stress behind. I needed to leap away from everything I knew and needed to turn Joshua T. Bell into the Wanderer. I did have a second job, which meant I was not leaping without any sort of net, but that job not had me on one way. I contacted my Mentor, aka my roommate, and he told me that if I was unhappy I should move on. Less than an hour later, I’d put in my notice.

I was lucky. Things fell into place for me. Two co-workers simultaneously downsized their shifts at the bar, and I was there to sweep both of them up. It gave me just enough money to survive on, but the new trial was getting this blog started, keeping organized financially, and just turning this new me into someone I wanted to be. Those were my trials.

The old me versus the new me has already come into battles with each other. It’s a bit like Link battling his dark side in Ocarina of Time. I have this shadow version of me that follows me around. It’s all my negative things. It’s my impulse. It’s definitely me, but not the person I see when I look in the mirror. He’s my constant battle.

“Buy that comic book on Amazon.” He whispers in my ear. “Just have on more drink.” And I have to fight with all my will to make sure that I don’t give it to it. I fail more often than not, but it’s something I have to change if I want to succeed.

This blog creates another challenge. I have great people who check it out and read it. Their blogs are all so different and exciting. They write about overcoming anxiety, blog promotion, and hundreds of other topics. They have more followers, and probably less time than I do to work on it. I need to put my time in, get content out, and then promote like crazy. Each day it gets better, but new levels make it a little harder to start. Between this and my novel, my challenges are grand.

I will overcome them one at a time, and I will move on to the next level. My life is not going to be mundane. I’m on a heroic journey to live the superhero life, and if I have to face every trial along the way twice, I’ll do it.

What trails do you have in your life that you’re trying to overcome to succeed? Comment below.

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