Allies and Enemies – Hero’s Journey

You’re now well on your journey. Your mentor is at your side. You’ve maybe even passed your first tests. You don’t have to go on this journey alone. You can find people to help you succeed, however for each person that helps you there’s a chance to meet someone who wants you to falter. Today, I want to talk about allies and enemies.

I’m naturally a friendly and outgoing person. That makes it easy for me to pick up friends. I have people who will support me, parent me, and also just go on crazy adventures with me. My closest allies never leave my side, literally. We have a Facebook chat that keeps us connected in our everyday lives. It ebbs and flows in conversation, but we never really separate. It’s a wonderful thing to have. (Both Charmaine and Marc are there, so it’s nice to have all my closest allies in one place).

An ally can be anyone who helps you on your journey no matter than length of time. Some people just come into your life for a short while. They help you study for a test maybe, or help you on a project. That brings you one step closer. Maybe they’re a romantic interest that makes you realize what you want for the future, or a guy at the bar whom makes you feel exceptionally cute. No ally is too small as long as they’re helping you move forward on your heroic path. Sadly, the enemies powers are strong and they may seem, at first, like such an ally.

Enemies are the people who tear you down on your journey and stop your forward momentum. They’re the people who get your grumpy on the train, or the Boss who condemns your project when you know you worked your hardest. These people are the enemies you have to face on your journey. Sometimes, the enemies are the people closest to you. They could be loved ones who push you off the healthier track by eating foods you know are bad, or they tear you down mentally. People in your life should be building you up not breaking you down. It’s where the line between an ally and enemy get very close.

Be aware of both people in your life and find ways to push yourself forward.

I will tell you my biggest enemy is my shadow self. It’s the part of me who wants me to eat horribly, be lazy, and do a crappy job at things. It’s the villain I face every day and need to beat back to become the excellent hero I want to become. He tears down my look, and I build myself back up. He tells me to throw caution to the wind, and I have to bunker down and get things done. That side of me makes life much harder, but it’s a battle I want and am willing to fight. It’s how I am going to be the hero I want to be and live the superhero life.

Tell me a little about your allies and enemies? Do you know which is which? Do you have a core group, a ‘scooby gang,’ that you look towards to help? Comment below.

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