Moving Forward, Looking Back

Yesterday was a day of adventure.

I had trouble sleeping due to my upper lip. It has been itching, perspiring, and just causing a lot of problems when I try to go to sleep. I had just been putting some Vaseline on it hoping to keep it moist. My upper lip still had a tear in it, and some of the scab stuck to my lower lips leaving a weird coagulated mess. I had said I was going to go to CityMD the next morning. Not being able to sleep meant I went right after they opened.

Of course, I don’t have insurance anymore. That meant a $125 dollar payment up front. I did not have that. Instead, I opted to go and get some cortisone cream at Wal Mart. It seems to be helping and my lip feels a helluva lot better several hours after I put it on.

I was awake, so I started my day. I went to Starbucks, as per usual, and wrote my 100 Days Healthier Me post. I then got a call about my backpack. It had been found! That meant making my way into the city and continuing to put the pieces together of last Monday night. Everything was in my bag, which means I suddenly found myself with two of a lot of things I did not need two of.

As far as I can tell, my night went like this:

I started out at 9pm in Jersey City. I ate food as soon as I got the bar. I then proceeded to start drinking Cosmos. Four Cosmos later, I ran across the street, had a can of cider while I chatted with an old co-worker, and went back across the street. I had one more Cosmo and a shot of gin. At 11:00pm my recollection of everything becomes non-existent.

At this point, I only remember this. I remember falling forward. I don’t remember if I was pushed. I don’t remember if I had my backpack at the moment. I don’t remember if that was the fall that led to a broken tooth or if I had a second one. No idea. The next thing I remember is talking to my roommate on the phone at 4:18am.

What I have learned is this:

I closed down the bar in Jersey City. Somewhere between 11 and 12:45, I talked to my old co-worker about meeting me at Stonewall. My four friends tried, to no avail, to stop me from going into the city. I went anyway. Because of where my bag was, I have to assume I took the World Trade Center PATH train since my bag ended up on Chambers street near the Hudson.

I’m assuming I either fell here and lost my bag, or lost my bag and then proceeded to make my way up to 24th St. which is where I came too out of my black out. At that time, I was already bloody and looked like I had gotten beat up. My bag was already missing, and I had missed several text messages. (If you know me, I respond back almost instantly…. I like the instant gratification of knowing people want to speak with me).

I’m almost positive that’s all. I’m going to be able to find out about that night. And now, I have two of everything that I don’t necessarily want. But as long as this cortisone cream clears up my lip, and I can get my teeth fixed, that night is finally in the past. Here’s hoping to never having one of those nights again. Those are the nights of the self-destructive, and I don’t need that in my life. I’m trying to be a superhero not my own personal villain.

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