100 Days Healthier Me – Day Sixteen

I am currently not drinking anything but coffee, tea, and water. So, the fact that I need to drink a liter of water today fits right into what I want with my life. I have a large glass of water constantly sitting next to my bed. I reach over and grab it taking a sip, and then after needing to rush to the bathroom, I refill it and start the process over again. I love drinking water.

However, throughout my life I tend to get a lot of useless calories from liquids. Liquors, ciders, and beers stack on the calories even though they taste good and give you that nice light headed feeling. Each of those drinks has anywhere between 100 to 500 calories and do nothing for you in the long run. The juices mixed with the liquors are incredibly high in sugar. The ciders have less calories, but the abuse to your liver (or you face) comes with costs. And that’s not even going into the different lagers and ales.

Okay, I shouldn’t soap box. I know somewhere in the future I am going to imbibe again. The drinking is fun, but it does come at health costs.

I have also been one to drink a lot of soda. Dr. Pepper is my sin of choice here. It tastes great with all 30+ flavors. My roommate always mocks me for the calories of my regular Dr. Pepper, while he drinks Diet. In the end, none of them are good for you. However, the bubbles on all carbonated beverages react weirdly with the cut on my lip, so I said ‘No’ to drinking them anymore. At least until I get everything sorted out with my lip.

That leaves me with…. Water … and coffee.

I get up every morning and make my way into Jersey City. I sit down at Starbucks with my coffee and my blueberry muffin (heated). The coffee is a trenta iced coffee with 5 raw sugars, soy milk, and a shot of espresso. I do this each and every day, and some day I have two. It’s about 350 calories for each item. That’s close to 700 to jumpstart my day. I understand this is not health, but it is also the way I start my day. I’ll work on it, especially when I can eat harder foods again.

I plan to go after I write this and get myself a liter of water. I’ll drink it throughout the day and refill it once to get myself fully hydrated. I have to be careful not to over hydrate myself…. Not so much in the drinking water way, but mostly so I’m not running to the bathroom every ten minutes while I’m working at the brewery tonight.

I may even ask the Advocate of Adventure herself to take me up on a water challenge of a liter a day for the next seven days. That’ll keep us both keeping the healthy initiative going, while both living the superhero life.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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