Writing is Hard

Writing is not easy.

Sure, everyone talks about wanting to write. And truthfully, most people in America can write. The problem is writing something that is worthwhile to not only the time you spend putting into it, but also the people reading it.

I have spent a number of years writing. Putting words on a page has always been pretty easy for me. (Look at this blog, for instance, I do at least two blog posts a day of at least 500 words). It’s organization and editing that break me down and get me frustrated. I am in a place that is almost completely organization and editing.

Early in the year, I wrote my first complete draft of what was then known as “Chosen by Destiny”. This was a name that, my best friend, Joel came up with when we were teenagers. The story has since grown and changed a lot, but it was a final draft. It was a completed story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. It had character arcs and everything.

Three days ago, I finished the first novella once again. I decided to break the story down into five novellas, and use the novella format to promote the ‘comic book’ feel I want in the story. The first novella was easy since it mostly meant taking older material and editing it with the new ideas.

Now, I am on to the second and the fear sinks in. The fear right now is that the story is not good enough, or that I am not a good enough writer. I am incredibly lucky to have the people I do to talk idea through and brainstorm with. Joel is a constant lifesaver even if he’s just agree with what I’m saying. Marc punches holes in emotional points that don’t make sense, and I rewrite accordingly. The biggest thing right now is that I need to keep writing and do not lose the momentum.

That in itself is one of the reasons why today, I write on writing. I need to keep myself in the right headspace as I begin to write my next scene. I need to think through how to progress and begin to outline the story and threads in my head. They will form on paper as I move along, but I need to calculate more and write more efficiently.

Each day, I sit down and just write these posts. I also have started siting down and writing at least 1,000 words for the next novella. It’s going to be a trial, but it’s what I need to do to succeed. If I don’t write 1,000 words, I am editing 1,000 words. Each word counts and amounts to me pushing forward in my dreams of being a writer. It will take time and effort, but I’ll get there. And I will have my secret identity fully intact to work with the superheroic one I’m cultivating here. You have to have both to be a superhero, and that’s just one more way how I’m trying to live the superhero life.

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