100 Days Healthier Me – Day Seventeen

Some days, you don’t feel like doing anything. You just want to lay in bed. It’s almost too much effort to reach over and pet your cat. You find yourself forcing yourself to fall back to sleep instead of getting up and dealing with the world. This is what I think about ‘slipping into the Abyss’.

The world is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, it’s hornets and hailstorms. That makes not dealing with it even easier. You just play videos games or watch television instead of moving forward on your path to awesomeness. I have this happen just like everyone else.

My abyss is watching television, coming up with story ideas, and looking at the same four websites ad nauseum for new content. I’ve looked at my life, and how I want to move forward and realize that all these things can be used to some extent to promote myself. I have started reviewing my favorite television shows. I write down my story ideas and then move on to my novella. I actually read and review comic books now on my blog as well so although I read what’s going on in the industry through those websites, I have my own work to do.

This, I think is making my life more productive and actually making it harder to not use my time wisely. I need to finish a book this week. Instead of picking up a comic book, I pick up my book instead. I have to get a blog post out, so instead of just surfing the internet I start typing on the same tablet. I have begun to prioritize things so that my down time needs to be sleep alone.

Today for instance, I got up and did laundry. I fumbled around with my tablets for a good thirty minutes. (It is my day off). I then got right to doing this blog. I wasn’t going to allow my day to feel wasted. These posts need to go up, and no one else is going to write them for me. I want coffee, but I have no clothes to wear. So, I did my laundry. Most of my Friday afternoons are filled with gaming, which means everything I have to get done with the day needs to be completed by 3.

Prioritize, Manage, Make, and Progress. That seems to be my life moving forward. I think it’s a good life to have, even if I just ramble from time to time. Nonetheless, this is putting me on the path to be healthier. It’s getting me organize to make writing happy, funny, and actually a career. The actual food and exercise part of it needs work, but it’s all a journey and I am going about it in the way that I think is right for me. I am making subtle changes to make a greater life. And it starts with making myself happy in my work. Then happy to exercise. And finally, happy every day.

Day 17 seems lost on Charmaine’s site, so I just made it up. If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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