Approach – Hero’s Journey

You’re almost ready for the climatic battle. Your team is assembled. Your allies are next to you. Your mentor stands strong beside you. You have built up the courage to continue onward. Now, you are in the approach to the final battle.

The Approach is the moment before. Your tensions are rising. You still have the option to run away. You know you can’t. You’d let down your friends. Someone could get hurt. It is all up to you, but you waiver.

This is okay. This is the part of the heroes journey that is scariest. Much like crossing the threshold which pulls you out of your current life, the Approach is the point of no return.

As real life heroes, instead of the fictional heroes, you have a bit of leeway. Your ‘boss battle’ will be something akin to finding a publisher, running an important meeting, or maybe even just passing a final in college. Everything you’ve done up until that point is just as important as handing that manuscript over, starting that meeting with a strong point, or studying for that test.

In each of these instances, you put in all the work before the approach. The approach is just that moment of realization when you wonder whether or not it has been enough. It may not have been enough, but turning back will not get you anywhere. You’ve gotta keep making your way forward. You have to draw your pen and answer those test questions. But, we’re not talking about the actual battle. We’re talking about your feelings the moment before.

I have talked about Nerd Fitness and 20 seconds of courage before. This is the first five seconds. This is the moment where you have to force past all the anxiety. You need to push pass your own misgivings. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. You have done everything you can on whatever your personal journey is, and if you know in your heart you haven’t, maybe you should see how your allies and mentor can help you prepare in these moments before.

People spend a lot of time living in fear. I do especially. The issue isn’t being afraid, but it’s allowing the fear to control you. It’s not actually easier to not do something than to face your fear and do it. Fear lingers on and will tap into your anxiety and then both of them are going to tear you down. The world has so much to give you in experiences that you shouldn’t let one emotion rule all your others.

I was afraid to start a blog, because I was afraid no one would read it. Well, a few people like my posts and each time it gives me a huge smile. More people will read it once I start putting it out there a little more, but I have opted for a process. When I hit that 100 posting mark, I will know it’s time to start getting bigger. I will have the content, I will have my voice, and I will be ready. That will be my approach here a the blog.

The last three posts I post leading up to 100 are going to make me cringe. Each time, I’ll be one step closer to needing to expand. I will need to make sure my website says what it needs to say, the links work, the info is there, and I will start spreading the superhero life to everyone out there. That’s my boss battle. That’ll lead me up to level two. And once I’m at level two…well I haven’t mapped out level three yet, but level two sure does look awesome.

The Approach is an important checking point in the Hero’s Journey. It keeps you on task and focus and drives you to the next stage, which is the actual boss battle that leads to your major shift and changes. It may look like a minor thing, but the battle is won or lost in this moment. And I know, heroes, you can beat whatever comes your way.

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