Living a Life in Roles

I love role-playing. I have done it in a lot of different ways throughout my life. I started role playing on yahoo clubs back in the day. (If you remember yahoo clubs, they were nice. They were way better than yahoo groups). My friend rom Houston and I met ages ago in a Buffy rpg on yahoo clubs. We gamed together for a number of years. My roommate and I eventually met on a similar game online years later. I still role playing on forums with him even after almost a decade!

I have more recently got into table-top role playing. My first game I did was a Scions game. Scions is a game that deals in heroes, Demi-gods, and gods. It’s a good time playing the son of a deity. I played a character named Asher Scott, who was a son of Isis during a WWII game. We were the B-Team. We fought Nazis released a giant Eagle, and fought Logan the son of Loki. The next game I played was a Game of Thrones game where I played a bastard son of Robert Baratheon and the head of a female house. Neither game went on for very long, but both were an incredibly a lot of fun.

Since I moved out here, I have gotten more involved in the role playing community and am on my way to running my own Mutants & Masterminds 3e game. Today, I played a fey-witch who just opened a brewery, inn, and shop with a stoner elf. Not kidding.

I was just thinking about the roles we play in real life. I am a writer, a friend, a bartender, a brother, a son, and have many times been a lover. What are the roles that I want to play? I want to be a novelist, an author, and someday own my own brand of comics.

The thin about playing a role is that you sometimes find yourself actually in it. I sit down every day and writer at the very least, that makes me a writer. I sit down and edit my work. That makes me an editor. Put I together with the publishing aspect and I am headed right in the direction.

Roles, like my roommate said, are something that you can put on like clothing. It’s an act that you find yourself falling into, and then very suddenly that’s how people se you. Some people don’t even realize that they’re falling into such roles. They just act a little different around the popular girls than they do their nerdy friends. (That’s every high school drama ever on television which was why I used it as an example). If you start looking at your roles and figuring them out, you can take the parts you want and make it part of who you are.

I want to be that author. I want to be a health and fitness guru. I want to be a game master. I want to be a great friend. I want to be a great honest boyfriend. All these thins will come to pass as I put on each role and focus on it. What kind of roles do you find yourself in? What kind of roles do you want to find yourself in? Let me know in the comments below.

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