100 Days Healthier Me – Day Twenty

“We didn’t choose to be what we are. And it could be argued that this life chose us. We live it. With all its changes and challenges. Obstacles. Disappointments. Failures. Its successes. Its joys. I have no idea where I’m going to be tomorrow. But I accept the fact that tomorrow will come. And I’m going to rise to meet it. We’re all scared, sweetie. You’d be stupid not to be.” – Donna Troy Teen Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day.

We all start as nothing more than a little parasite within our parents. As soon as we hit the world, things begin to change. We can’t make any of those initial decisions. We cannot choose our parents or their families. We cannot choose the siblings older than us. We don’t choose the stories we have read to us, or the words our parents say. From the beginning, the world begins to mold and shape us.

As we get older, we begin to see things and make our own choices. We sometimes pull hard away from all the things our parents imparted on us. We lash out at the world for shaping us in its image, and then once we accept whatever foundation we can, we begin to more forward.

Somewhere along the way the writers life chose me. It was a weird thing. I remember sitting down in front of the computers in High School. I typed away one word after the other in a story about a boy named Cameron who was the son of a god. He found himself in the realm of gods and met with other children of gods to save the day. I posted it on fanfiction.net and then never finished it. I remember even my classmates mentioning that they saw me writing a novel somewhere in the future.

It’s not easy. It’s an obstacle even sitting down everyday to write posts like this. Sometimes, the words flow very easily, and then I am stuck with a page full of great words, followed by a day where no words sound write and I need to delete everything and start from scratch. The one thing that has gotten easier is just getting up and doing it. I get up each day, and I start again. I write my words. I post my blog posts. I continue writing my story.

It’s scary, especially so early on. I do not have a book published yet. I do not have a book truly completed yet. Right now, I just have a bunch of words that my friends look over. I edit. They look it over again. It gets more real everyday. I talked to a local bookseller who actually said they would sell it as part of their local authors program. That means that I can actually sell something at both my favorite bookstores. My dream is coming true, slowly.

This quote encompasses all of that. It encompasses all of those feelings. It encompasses everything that I want to be in terms of living a superhero life. I want to be so concrete in my identity of me that each day, even though I’m afraid, I get up and do this life that chose me. I take it all in and make it great. I continue to be great. Just like Donna. Right now, I am on this journey alone, but, if I can eventually help one person on their journey, it’ll all be worth it. I’m allowed to be scared. But I still have to get up live the superhero life.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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