Customer Service Problems

Like many people in college, I found myself hurdled into the customer service industry as I strove to get my degree. Unlike many people, I took nine years to get it. I am okay with this fact and would not give up anything for the years spent meeting people, working at the bookstore, or working a restaurant. The worst part is now living out there still in the industry, and finding yourself in the worst sort of anger over people not meeting the minimal customer service requirements allotted to them by industry people.

Yesterday, I went to the post-office to pick up a package. This generally takes me about five to ten minutes depending on the person behind the counter. I have, before, shown up before the window opens, which leads me to waste time, but I got there right after twelve. I did worry about a lunch break, but when I walked through the door and saw the window open, I knew I was golden.

I was first in line.

Then, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, the man behind me starts talking to one of the post office workers behind me. I thought I had seen her before working the window, but I was not for certain. She gave me a smile, I smiled back, and I turned back around to wait for my person to show up.

The man was asking about his passport. The woman explained the situation, and as the discussion continued, I realized he didn’t get that the post office just, basically, does the paperwork for passports. They need to be shipped away. The woman kept using the word “issued” which implies that the post office gives them something. I explained this, and the light bulb clicked on all of them.

Another man found his way behind me, and we both then waited. The woman talking to the passport guy then proceeded to ask me to move from the front of the line so she could get through. I did. Then, she proceeded to help two other people before starting with the first person in line. I got no apology. I got a grump ‘Here you go’ when she handed me he package.

She did not give me a ‘wait a moment’ or ‘this may take a bit’ or anything that would say that she was working the desk. She did not even apologize for jumping the line in front of me, and just gave me a nasty look.

I have been in the industry since I was twenty. I do not care if you’re working a QuickCheck or the Post Office. You have to be somewhat nice to the people around you. I’ve had a bad day, I still smile and am kind. It’s rough working with people, but your attitude can really ruin someone’s day. I set mine on a struggle bus, especially since it took so long and I have so many things to do.

Customer service is important, not just for the business, but for the people who come to it. Some people are assholes, but you have to still treat them kindly. I wasn’t being an asshole, so should have at least gotten something polite.

I’m in a mood right now, but wanted to soap box. I’ll power through this and get back to living my superheroic life. Humanity today is just being a trial.

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