Lazy Day

I am calling it right now. Yesterday was a lazy day.

I woke up and just felt tired. I did not want to even get up and do the laundry I knew I needed to do. My bed was covered in graphic novels and Eighth Doctor Adventure novels. My bedroom had laundry thrown across it and opened amazon boxes everywhere. That’s not even including me personally.

My stomach looks to me like it’s grown a foot. My balding head has quite a bit of hard on it. My beard needs trimmed. I’m heading in the direction of homeless people level of lack of caring. Regardless of tired, I needed to do something.

Laundry was the easy place to start. I needed clothes. I had to dress myself at the very least to go see Star Wars – The Last Jedi. I made sure I brought all my laundry down the three flights of stairs into the small laundry area. The dryer doesn’t work well, so I had to send them through twice. While I did that, I wrote blog posts and watched Return of the Jedi.

Next step was cleaning off my bed and getting rid of all the amazon package garbage. I have room for the books. I had just started putting them there when they came in the mail. They just stacked up and took over half of my bed. It was an easy fix to stack them beneath my television. There, I could still see them and grab them when needed, but didn’t take up my bed.

That was not actually as hard as I felt like it was going to be. I finished it just as I started “A Force Awakens”. I had just enough time to watch this film, do my laundry, and maybe (maybe) make it to get coffee. (I did not actually have enough time to get coffee). I was excited nonetheless for the movie that night.

The set-up or my bedroom was fairly easy. I just needed make sure I threw garbage away and put things where they belonged. For my personal hygiene, that took a bit more time. It takes quite a bit of time to shave your head, especially when you’re as anal retentive as I am. I don’t want something out of place, because then I look like a dope. I don’t want to look like a dope, so I keep scraping it across my scalp. Beauty takes work.

It’ll be a good start for my week to have a day like yesterday. Saturday is the day that I work, so I do not do anything outside of work and my writing. Sunday is the same with therapy added in. Then, I have all day on Monday and Tuesday to write and catch up with thins. A meeting with my editor on Tuesday will lead me to need most of my writing stuff done by then. It’s good to have these days once in a while to get yourself settled. Just don’t get too settled and complacent. That’s when thins start going backwards instead of forwards.

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