100 Days Healthier Me – Day Twenty-Five


That is the simple answer. Of course, it gets harder when you start to think about it. You have to make time for one. The harder answer is read, edit, and write. And those all take up even more time. I have a manuscript of just over fifty pages that I need to finish my edits my Wednesday. I’d like to have them done by Tuesday.

I am someone who likes goals. I like to meet them. I like getting that happy feeling when I get a deadline and then I make it or surpass it. This is one of those times I’m trying to epically surpass my deadlines. I need to have my next novella written by the middle of January, and I’m supposed to have this novella completed by the 1st of January. I pushed it all back and said I wanted it done by the 20th of December. (Final Edits and 1st Draft, not two completed documents.)

I know I can do this, but it takes sitting down and actually doing it. I spent the morning preparing for my day. I missed the earlier train and am trying to fit in this post before I actually head in which will mean one less thing to do once I get to Starbucks and my “office”.

Today, I need to write around 2,000 words while handwriting all the edits my editor and my co-writer want me to do. That will set me on the right path for the rest of the week. It means a lot of work, a lot of work, but I want to put in a lot of work now so I can start the next thing over Christmas.

I also work today, which means that I should also be looking at where that money is going. It will probably be heading towards my therapy session tomorrow morning or be put towards a light rail pass. Maybe both if things go well tonight.

Money has gotten really tight, which means I need to be focusing on paying things off. I need to pay off both my bill for my face, and a bill from early November. I also need to make an appointment to get my face checked out further. So, watching my budget is where I can also work at getting closer to my goal.

I have been taking it easy in a lot of ways, and I need to step up and focus on everything again like I was when I first started. I need to be thinking about blog posts. I need to be writing posts ahead of time. I need to be writing a lot more than I’m currently doing it, and making sure that I’m editing just as much. These are all little things that I have time for and am just not putting the time in. I don’t have a relationship, I don’t have a job constantly nagging me, so I need to be stepping up to be the hero in my own life. Little steps like this continue me on the right path.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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