100 Days Healthier Me – Day Twenty-Six

On days like today, I would like to feel a little bit sunny in a more physical sense. It’s cold outside. I want to feel the hot sun down on my skin warming me up. Instead, I get a nice chill instead of a bitter cold one. Since I can’t get the physical warm and sunny. I talked earlier today about the fact I am a confirmed extrovert. See it’s people make me feel sunny.

I need people. I sometimes have near mental breakdowns waiting for someone to text me on my phone to give me that kind of insta-gratifcation that texting now allows you to have. Granted, this is a problem. Not only for writing, but for just keeping off my phone while at work. It’s like a drug, I need it.

The worst part about it all is the fact that all of my closest friends are halfway across the country. Charmaine, Rich, Andy, and Kathryn all live back in South Dakota. They all lead their lives back in South Dakota, and I get to talk to them now and again. We have a chat going for years that keeps us close no matter the distance. Joel has the same distance problem and definitively has his life going on with work and husband. My roommate is always there, but he too leads his life.

I am lucky. I work in the service industry. I luckily have people come in every day, and I can meet new strangers. I can learn about people’s lives even if I’m not directly involved in them. I can get the experience of people without being close with them.

It’s not just the people at work. I tend to interact with a lot of people on a regular basis. I love my Starbucks people at Grove St who always happily say hello, know my order, and asks about my life. These kind of people in your life are always good to have.

It gets very dark and stormy sometimes. Especially now, I do not have as much time to go out and actually meet new people. That does not mean that I actually do not meet people. I still find people to connect with at work who end up in my friend circle. They do not have the same history, but them and I make new history together.

I always joke that ‘people are crap’. And sometimes, this is true. It seems like the crappiness of the world continues to grow. But, I do not give in to pessimism. People are what keep me going. People make me happy. Their stories give me life. I am in a good place with the people in my life. I may be single, which I didn’t even get into, but I am definitively glad for the non-romantic people in my lives. It gives me a great joy and keeps me sunny. And that’s what my writing today was all about.

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