Starting Over Again…

I am writing this on Monday for Wednesday morning, and wanted to get a little bit ahead of things this week if at all possible.

I was sitting at my old job eating a slice of pizza and drinking a water when a scene rom Doctor Who hit me. It stuck with me because it’s how I felt about myself in the last few moments. Granted, my feelings weren’t as heroic, but I feel like I’m pleading with myself all the same.

It is the end of the second episode of the fourth New Who season. Donna Noble just started traveling with the Doctor. He explains that he could save everyone, but he just can’t. Donna pleads with him “Just someone please. Not the whole town. Just save someone.” And he does. He saves a single family.

I was just thinking of me looking on a myself. “Just…do something.”

That’s one of my biggest things that I do something every day, but those somethings need to constantly be changed and rehashed to continue to perform well. I write everyday. That’s more than the majority of people, but I need to start taking it one step further.

I need to be writing with purpose. I need each post on this blog to be forming to the greater ideal and not just being a random journal. I need to be working out every day and progress forward in my fitness journey instead of talking about it. I need to finish things at a rational pace instead of giving myself a thousand things to be doing at once. I just need to restart somewhere.

Wednesday (Today) is my respawn day. I have leveled up to my current level and plateaued. It’s time to graciously step it up. I have a lot of thins that will cost me money. I am heading towards the ending of two novellas (one fully completed and one rough draft). I am also once again putting on weight. I need to level all of this out to thrive instead of survive. The New Year is just around the corner and I need to be setting myself up for further excellence.

Today is going to be a hardworking day. I am going to get up and go to the gym. I am going to write two blog posts. I am going to either finish writing my second novella, or continue edits on my first. I will then run a Mutants & Masterminds game with my roommate. I will buy some food, and make sure that the money from the rest of my Tuesday night is on my credit cards. It will be a fulfilling day working on sorting my life together which is what I need.

Today is a new Day One. I plant my feet in the ground and start looking at the future me that I want to be. I can do this. I will do this. Besides, starting over can be a great thing to keep you on track. And it’s another way I keep on living the superhero life.

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