New Year’s Resolutions

2018 is almost upon us, and it’s the time of year for resolutions.

I always hear the story that resolutions are pointless, or they’ll just be forgotten by the first couple weeks of January. This is true for most people. Heck, this has been true for me for a number of years.

I, like many people, have a tendency to not walk the walk, and I’m a huge talker. I have delusion of grandeur bigger than most. I want it all, not really. I want to create goals for 2018 that I can easily accomplish and manage. Let’s start out by listing the goals, followed by how I am going to accomplish them.

Goal 1: I want to complete two novels.

How: I already have most of one part finished for a novel. I have a second part written. In my mind, I would like to finish the third part by the end of this year. Those three parts make up an entire novel. That means I only need to edit them to have them be completed. Then, I will have to write a second novel throughout the year. I try to write around 1,000 words every day which means I can definitely have them both done next year.

Goal 2: I want to have at least two blog posts on my organized blog.

How: First, I need to come up with what I want to be posting daily, and then make sure that I’m posting them. For the past two twenty-six days, I’ve had at least two blog posts a day. That is easy. The organization will be harder. I just need to concentrate on content and make sure I am constantly putting them out. (I also need to make sure I keep up on my reading, watching, and exercising to make sure my content remains current).

Goal 3: I want to go to New Orleans with money to spend.

How: I already paid for my plane ticket to New Orleans. Now, I just need to be saving up money and making sure things are getting paid appropriately. Savings will be big in 2018, especially since I have a ton of bills to pay off throughout the year.

Goal 4: I want to pay off all three credit cards, my medical bills, and my dental bills.

How: This sounds almost impossible, but I want to put it on the list. I need to be chipping away at all these bills. They are expensive, and probably around 9,000 dollars total. I can do this. It’ll be hard, but I just need to concentrate on everything and pay one thing off at a time.

Goal 5: I want to prioritize health and fitness.

How: I will start by going to the gym regularly and cooking one meal a week at home. It’s not much but it’s a start. It’ll also make it easier for me to cook vegan. I need to also cut out the banana bread and blueberry muffin from my Starbucks mornings. I also need to make sure I’m doing the proper research to get everything done.

Goal 6: I want to bartend in New York City.

How: I need to get a job at a difference place that makes me more money. I want to be able to go into the city and get a job and actually feel like I accomplish something. My dream is to work at a gay bar and be in the center of the activity. I need to actually get out there and just search for jobs.

All of these things will bring me one step closer to happiness. I am not unhappy now, but these are the things that grate on me a little bit about my current life. I need a better bartending job to make more money. More money means I can pay off my bills. Without my bills, I will be more even emotionally to be writing. It all comes together to form the perfect superheroic life.

Here’s to 2018 being my year.

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