Resurrecting the Hero

I mentioned yesterday how I’ve fallen into a bit of a slump, and I know that happens for all of us. Sometimes, like seems to take us by the horns and send us in a completely complicated way back. It’s even harder sometimes to pick yourself up and stop the backwards trend from pulling you further back.

Today, I have to try to do just that.

As I lay in bed last night, I went over a list of things in my head that I needed to do. Some of it seemed super simple, especially with how things are going in my life. I needed to brush my teeth, I needed to make it a point to floss, and I also needed to gargle with hot water and sea salt. Okay, those are easy enough to do. I needed to make sure that I used sea salt on my piercings to make sure that if they are infected that it takes care of them. So, I did that. I have had an itchy beard again, so I shaved leaving just a goatee. Finally, I made sure I took antibiotic and the allergy meds to help with things on my face.

That was all a good start. I was headed in the right direction. I did not go to the gym, which was fine, I can do that tomorrow. I put it on my to do list BEFORE all of the above that I need to do again. Next on the agenda waits career stuff.

I made it a point to read on the light rail. I am currently reading “Alien Bodies” by Lawrence Miles. Then, as my iPad installed an update, I read the next chapter of “Watchmen” by Alan Moore. I then proceeded to write my first post for the blog, and then proceeded to the second.

It terms of finances. I opted to put money on my Starbucks card, so when I come into Jersey City, I do not need to bring any of my credit cards and I can just get coffee with the actual Starbucks card.

Everything now gets a bit harder. I have to actually sit down and begin to write for my novella. It’s only 3,000 words before I hit the 20,000 word mark that I want for the rough draft, but it just stands before me looming. I have the scenes that I need to write, and I just need to do it. Then, I need to find some cheap healthy food, and go to work.

I will proceed to take that tip money home with me, and figure out what to do with it from there. I should not be relied on to save money for anyone, although here I am trying to figure it out once more.

I need to make sure that I’m putting systems in place that are easy for me to follow, and easy to start back up again. I am in a hole right now, and slowly I am pulling myself up. This is not my regeneration, this is me working towards a resurrection. I’m in a hell of my own making and I am going to get out. That’ll help make me the hero I want to be.

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