100 Days Healthier Me – Day Thirty-Two

Two days before Christmas, the skies outside are gray with rain falling down onto the streets giving everything a wet spring feeling. The lights in the windows and pine trees still glow with the colorful Christmas lights, even as the city itself drips in the wetness. It’s hard to actually think about taking in the sun, or soaking in a warm bath when the world looks so damn dreary.

I still plan to do it, to some extent. I have an umbrella, and I have already had my coffee. I will finish my writing and then walk several miles outside in this wet day in hopes of promoting a healthier lifestyle even in the worst kind of situations.

Last night put me in both a bad mood and oddly a good one. I was supposed to work, but the business was slow. Working would have put everyone in a terrible place in terms of making money. Instead, I stood around for most of the night and did nothing financially productive. I did some reading. I did some minor editing. I walked several miles. It was not until the end of the night that the day redeemed itself by me hanging out with some fiends for a couple hours.

It was oddly a good restart to my journey. It puts me in a place financially, broke, that I do not like to be. Rent is paid for next month, so I do not need to worry about that. It just did not put me in a place to bask, especially with my upcoming teeth expenditures.

Today will probably be very similar as the day goes on. I have three scenes I want to write/edit today. It’s not the full extent of what I could do today, but I want to get these scenes written and set up so that if I need to rewrite anything around them I am prepared to do so. I will walk in this weather the same path I walked yesterday while listening to an audio drama on my phone. I will then head into work and pray that things are decently busy so that Harold and I can make some money today.

I plan on “inhaling the good shit, and exhaling the bullshit” all day today. It is the holiday, and even though I am spending it by myself I am going to soak up all the good feelings and the good vibes and try to get rid of all the bad leading into the new year.

I do not have the time or the effort to deal with bullshit lately. I have to actually keep the end goal in mind, no matter how far it seems. One step closer each day will eventually bring me there. I am a writer. I am fit. I am healthy. I am a bartender. I am happy. These are the positive thoughts I need to keep with me and hold into the New Year. They’re the truths and the lies that I tell myself, and if I keep believing in them, they’ll surely come true.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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