100 Days Healthier Me – Thirty-Four

Looking forward sometimes seems like a larger trial than just giving up. I know this as well as anyone else. I want all these things in my future, and I write about them. I have to sit down each day to take apart my writing to make it a little bit better. Some days, it never feels like it’s actually going to be complete. It would be easier just to toss it off to the side and go into a different, better, career like working at McDonalds. (No offense meant to people who work at McDonalds, a job is a job. Keep up the good work, and you look great today).

I have always been someone to give myself a lot of goals. That might be silly, and many of my friends tend to market how silly things are. “You’re never going to accomplish everything if you keep weighing yourself down with goals. Small changes will be what gets you there.” I do understand this. I mention it here constantly that you should take thins one step at a time to move forward. However, I like throwing myself in. I’ve learned to do many changes, and be happy with the ones I accomplish, while working at the ones I do not.

For instance, I said I was going to finish writing my last novella and edit this novella a week and a half ago. I am still working on editing, but I finished the other one. My actual ‘do by’ date is still a week again. I have plenty of time to do everything, I just an impatient and want it done quicker. Time, however has not been my friend.

Even today, I have a lot to write for this blog. I did not write yesterday. So, this is a coach-up blog from yesterday. I have two reviews I want to write. I have two blog posts I need to write. And I have another one of these 100 Days to write. I barely got dressed before I started writing today. I have a lot I want to accomplish but need to be okay with only doing some or most of it.

Heck, if I do accomplish everything, I will be incredibly proud of myself. That’s 47 pages of editing, 6 blog posts, and a walk to Hoboken, but if I don’t, I need to be okay with what I do get done. They are all a step in the right direction. I feel like I’m being redundant, but one steps at a time will get us where we’re going.

I want you guys to make piece with your own mountains. It’s huge. It’s large, but if you get to the base and make a decision to climb it to your goal, you’ll make it. There may be pitfalls. There may be avalanche scares. There may be people calling to tell you how crazy you are, but if you keep moving to the top eventually you’ll find yourself the summit. I’ll be at the summit of my own mountain waving.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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