Doctor Who Review – Christmas 2017 Twice Upon a Time

The Twelfth Doctor is gone. A new Doctor has come, and she’s already brilliant. Twice Upon a Christmas aired yesterday on the BBC, and here in America on BBC America. It was a great story filled with intrigue, adventure, and a lot of call backs to previous episodes and eras. It brought two Doctors together both on the verge of a major change. Steven Moffat hit a home run with his final story, and the Chris Chibnall era has begun!

Hello Sweetie… Spoilers.

The story starts almost exactly where the last one left off. The First Doctor meets his Thirteenth Regeneration (or the Twelfth Doctor, I know confusing). Both are holding back their regenerations. They do not want to give up their lives, and are roughly in the same place generations apart. Thrown in the middle is a WWII soldier simply called ‘The Colonel’ although the reveal at the end of his heritage makes for more tie-ins to the overall Doctor Who continuity.

The meeting is filled with classic banter. The First Doctor tries to understand his future self, while the Thirteenth Doctor I being reminded of the man he used to be. Moffat does some excellent dialogue and creates a very different First Doctor. I say ‘different’ mostly because he’s looking at the classic Doctor with modern conventions. Sexism and racism was something never really touched upon, but here Moffat just dives in and has the First Doctor make some very off color comments. It’s a bit like a retrospective of the show, while also humorous considering we as an audience know the next Doctor is in fact a woman.

The plot of the story is interesting. The Colonel is wanted by these glass people who collectively are called the Testimony. They pull people from the moment of their death and implant their memories into what I assume is an epic computer. Then, they can put them in these glass people and allow people to live on.

The show brings back Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts. After her surprising survival at the end of the last episode, I, and I assume many others, just expected her to be back as Bill. Instead, she comes back as part of the Testimony. Of course, the Twelfth Doctor knew this almost immediately and made an argument that she was not in fact Bill. Bill retorts by bringing another one of the people from ‘Testimony,’ Clara. She kisses the Twelfth Doctor’s cheek and giving him back all his memories of them together. It gives them closure.

There are many great moments throughout the episode, and as much as I want to spoil everything and go into depth. I’ll leave that to you, dear readers.

The final scene in the TARDIS, the regeneration of twelve into thirteen, was beautiful. Twelve expresses what it means to be the Doctor as he tries to pass on knowledge to his next self. And then the new era comes and as Jodie Whittaker looks into the screen and sees she’s turned into a woman, I can say that her response is mine. ‘Oh, Brilliant.’ I cannot wait to see where this show takes her. I can’t wait to see her fight the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels, and the hundreds of other villains that the Doctor has faced, could face, and will face. She’s my Doctor just like all the others, and I’m excited for this new era.

(Image Above Provided by BBC America Website)

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