100 Days Healthier Me – Day Thirty-Five

One of my favorite things to do is tell my dreams. What I have learned about talking about them is you’re putting it out into the world and telling the world your future. This has happened on two distinct occasions, and both were big.

The first was moving to New York. Apparently when I was fifteen or sixteen, I told my father that I was going to move to one of the coasts. If I said it, I must have said it in passing, but he told me I said it to him. When I told him I was moving out here, outside of the bribes he tried to get me to stay, he told me he understood and I had told him years ago that I was going to do it. I remember nothing about this, but even as I kid, I put it out in the world and it came true.

When I was preparing for my thirtieth birthday, my friend once again reminded me of a similar situation. I had told him that I would go to Europe before I turned thirty. So, when I said I bought my plane ticket, he responded ‘You’re thirty already?’ I laughed and said, ‘Almost’. He then went on to tell me that I had told him I would be in Europe before that. It was two days before that I landed in England with both my parents.

I was thinking about this blog post as I showered this morning and tried to figure out what dreams I wanted to put out into the world that I haven’t already put out there in mass. I decided to just explain one that I have had on the back burner for a while. I want to backpack through Europe in 2019.

It’s not an easy trip, especially since I do not have a ton of money right now to do anything outside of just surviving, but it’s one of those dreams that I have sitting out there lingering. I want to go to the English countryside. I want to travel on trains around Europe. I want to see Berlin and Italy, and just go anywhere I pleased for a month. It sounds only like a dream right now, especially considering, as I said, I have a ton of things I need to currently pay of.

Nonetheless, I am putting it out there and setting it up for the universal to reward me with it. I can picture the traveling on train. That’s where I’d be sleeping some nights. I can taste the Belgian ales that I have not had before and drinking done french wine. Everything would be magical and it would be over just as quick as it began. But it would be another thing to add to my story. It’d be an experience and it could change my life.

I’m all about life changing for the positive and this would be a big one. What’s your dream look like? What experience do you want to put out into the world to happen?

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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