A Love Letter to The Last Jedi

I have been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid. I remember watching the original trilogy on TBS or USA, whichever network had it on. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker. I wanted a droid to appear in my life and lead me on a journey. Since then, I have seen every movie in the theaters, except “Star Wars The Clone Wars”. I saw the Special Edition original trilogy, then I went on to watch the prequel trilogy. Those weren’t as good, but they were enjoyable nonetheless. When I heard about Disney buying them out, I was ecstatic to see more Star Wars films and let them take me to a galaxy far far away once more.

The Force Awakens left me excited for the next film. They had re-established a great enemy. They showed us our favorite characters from the original trilogy, while giving us new characters that were just as exciting in Finn, Poe, and Rey. I couldn’t wait for the next film. Of course, like everyone else, I had too.

The Last Jedi killed it for me in all the best ways. I got to see Leia use force powers. I saw Luke Skywalker be epically awesome. I got to see Rey begin to find her potential in the world. Finn continued to surprise, first by trying to run away, and move to being willing to sacrifice himself to stop the First Order. Each character had a brilliant arc that leads them forward to the next film.

Sadly, I feel like Carrie Fischer would have been a huge part of the third film in this trilogy, especially with how things have been set up here, but with her untimely death, we will miss out on that. However, she got her place to shine here. We saw Luke and Leia reunited and have a good moment between them.

The best part of this film was that it felt new. Rian Johnson took what we wanted in a Star Wars film and turned it on its head. Luke is not perfect. He fails, but he come back from that and helps the heroes. Rey fails, but find herself in a stronger point for the next film. Finn starts out by failing, but tries to willingly sacrifice himself. Poe made a bad decisions, bu by the end of the film understands more about being a leader. It was so good that I needed to see this all again.

The film itself is beautiful. Although most of the battles take place, uh hum, among the stars, the Canto Bight sequence is beautifully done to offset the more dingy sets used on Craiyt. The salts and red sands beneath it looked amazing like blood beneath snow.

I wanted to keep this as short and mostly as a love letter instead of a review. Many people don’t necessarily have this sort of love for it. People say that they destroyed Luke Skywalker and his legacy. I’m not one of those people. You still saw Luke as the hero. You see Leia as the General. You got to see Han as the heroic scoundrel in the Force Awakens. Now, we can leave them all behind and move forward into a new generation of heroes for a new generation of fans. Sure, the others still have stories to be told, but so do these new heroes and other heroes beyond them. It’s what makes Star Wars so amazing, there are many heroes and each have their own stories and destiny to find.

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