Regeneration Me

A new era is upon us. The Doctor has regenerated and we as viewers get to follow someone new.

I’ve said it before that it would be both nice and horrible if we could change that way. I wish I could regenerate into someone else and walk away with all these memories. I could more patient, or I could be less impulsive. Of course, I could go the other way. I could be more impatient, and even MORE impulsive. This would be horrible for me and everyone around me.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my regenerations. The times that I have made major shifts leading me to the change back in November with quitting my job and moving forward. I’m still in a bit of a post-regeneration haze that all regenerations go through. Soon, I will soon come out with my new costume and secure about myself.

~The First Wanderer~

My first self was someone who dreamed big. Those dreams continued on through all of his regenerations. He was the one who wanted to be famous. In retrospect, it was mostly he wanted to be famous to find a way out of the life he currently lead. As he grew older, he found out that he did not need fame to do that. A person needs resilience and drive. He did not feel like he connected to any of the people around him, and searched technology for ways to find his place. He met some like minded people online and one of those people became a lives long companion. He was scared a lot of the world. He was lonely. He also had very little self-esteem and self-worth. That would change as things move on.

~The Second Wanderer~

Once he got away from his early regeneration, he found himself make a step forward in the next one. He felt more honest with himself and slowly began to stop hiding who he was. He had a lot more self-destructive qualities that followed him in some respect through many regenerations. He continued to be a good kind person, or at least try his best. He made more friends but struggled to find his place in the world around him. He became a bit outspoken and his explosive nature led him to loose a few friends along the way. Nonetheless, he persisted and tried to make himself a better person.

~The Third Wanderer~

The pendulum swung in two directions. At the start of this regeneration, he thought a regimented military lifestyle would be for him. He quickly found out that would not be the case at all. He opted instead to go the other way. He led a bit of a debaucherous lifestyle. The explosive nature continued, however, he also turned a bit of a new leaf striving to meet everyone he could. He really captured his extroverted lifestyle here. He made tons of new friends, and found himself involved in many different things. It was during this time in his life that he found a permanent companion, not a romantic one, but a soul mate of sorts.

~The Fourth Wanderer~

One of the longer regenerations. The Fourth Wanderer started over. He traveled to another place and situated himself. It was during this regeneration that he stabilized himself a lot. He had grown up. He lived on his own. He paid his bills. He was self sufficient. He had many relationships with different people, but like everyone was still finding himself. This regeneration ended when the stability was no longer enough. He needed to be happy, he needed more.

~The Fifth Wanderer~

That’s me. I don’t know where I’m headed. I’m writing more. I’m finding myself in a lot of ways and like I said above. I don’t know the person who is going to come out of this regeneration. I sort of can’t wait to see how I look back on this.

We all have different regenerations, even if we don’t change our face. Can you spot your major shifts and changes? Can you find your regenerations?

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