A Change of Attitude

Do you ever have those moments when you look in the mirror and you’re not quite sure who is staring back?

There’s a wrinkle on the face that you don’t know. There’s a scar on your leg you remember you got, but you don’t know where.

I am sort of having the same idea overall with my life at the moment. I am looking at certain actions. Some, I should have learned from before. Others, I definitely should have stayed completely away from. Yet, here I am.

“Wanderer, I release you.”

This is the sad part of a regeneration. Very soon you find yourself at the end of a life. Things don’t feel the same anymore. You’re a new person, or in my case, you’re trying to be. Instead of finding those scars, those wrinkles, or see the person staring back at me. I am breaking the mirror.

Somewhere in the recesses of my brain, I made sure that I have gotten my work done today. I wrote my 100 Days post before, and I prepare this post after. What? Does not really matter. I am fine and okay. I didn’t hurt myself. I was just being silly in the city.

The new mirror that stands is very different. I l don’t know the person who is looking back. It’s almost like my face is a bit longer and paler. There’s a hesitant, yet honest smile on it. There’s something about that face that screams confidence. He blinks. No, I blink. This is me.

He is standing tall with his shoulders back. He’s wearing black jeans and a black button-up that fits him well. He had black converse with a set of insoles that allow him to easily wear those shoes to work. Those black converse set near a pair of black boots, and a pair of dress shoes for his job. He has various different black clothes, which make sense since he works as a bartender.

Now, he has to start his day. He has the gym. He has writing work on his next novel. He has a call to his editor. He will write my blog posts to start my day. After, he will write another post to a story he’s working on with his roommate. Then, he will work at the bar for 9 hours. It will be a long day. It will be a tiring day. Some of the people will be pains, but this is what will pay the bills. And one cannot let the tired look fool them. He will love every second.

He doesn’t know this yet, but the thought hit him. This is me. I am doing this. The only words he can say are simple. To the point. And they feel oh so right.

“Oh, brilliant.”

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