100 Days Healthier Me – Day Thirty-Seven

Not being able to fail is a hard thing to ponder. “Well, you just do things.” Someone might say or “It’ll help you see what you can accomplish.” There are some caveats to this that came to mind as soon as I thought about it.

I want to run a marathon.

Okay, so this is one of the things I would do if there were no hinderances. I would love to start running daily. I would love to go to the gym and do a workout to help me do this. There’s one major problem. My family has a history of incredibly bad knees, and I end up getting a slight pain in one knee or the other when I run daily. It sucks, because I love jogging. It makes me feel connected to the entirety of my body and makes me feel like I’m headed in the right direction physically.

So, that’s the big thing that makes me ponder not being able to fail. I also don’t think failing is a bad thing.

Failures are just mistakes that we’ve given up on. Even though I have yet to run (or even train) for a marathon. I still go out and run every once I a while. I probably do it about four or five times a year consistently until my knees start giving me grief. I then do something else for a while.

I would like to hit all the states that I have not been to.

My dad drove truck all through my childhood. He traveled across the country and from time to time I would travel with him. There are seven states I have not been to because of this. Of those seven, three are in New England and I just have not hit them yet. Then again, this is something I only fail at if I don’t do it.

Maybe that is the biggest problem I am having with this life prompt. I tend to do a lot of the things I set my mind too, or right now I feel like I am on my way in a positive direction forward. I am writing something daily. I am setting myself up for success. I am reading daily. All these things come to me so naturally that failure does not seem very probably as long as I keep doing it.

I just do not think failure is an option. I make mistakes, or I don’t progress quickly, but I would not say I failed. I lean from things, slower than I should sometimes, but I move forward. I progress. I push myself towards my goals and change those goals as I go on if something in me says I need to change them. It’s probably one of my best qualities.

That, of course, does not mean I will not make more mistakes. It does not mean I won’t fail, but it does mean that I accomplish the things I set out to do. Some of these things have taken a while, and many things I’m still working on it. The most important things get done, and I can move on to the next big thing.

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