Who I Am In 2017

I think you learn a lot about yourself by looking back. Of course, sometimes you spend too much time looking back that you never really look at yourself for who you are right now. On the flip side, people look forward and never live in the moment. To accurate find yourself, I think you need to spend most of the time in the present, look back for the good (while not getting locked into the bad), and taking the steps forward to make your perfect future of reality. I am in a good place to balance all that.

I woke up this morning and tried to set myself up for a good end of year. I made a list of all the things I needed to do. I started by making a list of all the things I needed to do before I left for gaming tonight. A lot of it had to do with just straightening out things. I shaved my head, shaved my face, and showered.

I am actually really happy with the way I look lately. I do still have to get the work done on my teeth, which will make me even a little more confident. I also still ave a slight discoloration on my face from where I fell, but most people won’t notice it until they look close. I am not exactly okay with my ‘look’ today, but it works. I have to go do laundry, and then proceed to decide what I need for clothes over the next few months to get said look situated better.

I made decent money last night, so I am easily right where I need to be with my bills. I paid off the last of the money for my New Orleans trip. I got coffee and my blueberry muffin with the money my mom gave me for Christmas. That leaves me enough money to get through today, tomorrow, and probably a couple bills keeping me slightly a head of the curve for things.

Both my jobs keep me afloat which is a great place to be, but moving forward I need to be looking at ways to thrive. I want to find something in the city and one of my co-workers gave me an open call to a place that I can be looking at in January. If I nail that job, I will definitely be on the right path for 2018.

Writing is going excellently. I have one novella in the bag. I have a second novella written. I have a generalized idea about the third. I’m working on a writing project for the same universe with my roommate. I have outlines for other series. It’s going excellently. That’s the only way to put it. I need to write an author bio, and some other stuff to make my editor happy, and that’ll happen soon. I even saw a cover mock-up which just makes it a little bit more real. It’s a great time to be alive.

My health and fitness still needs a lot of work. But, ‘tis the season being the new year and all. I need to make sure that I’m not one of those “resolutioners” that my friends mention at the gym. I need to keep it going and make it actually a part of who I am. I have been doing some longer walks which is a good way to start, but I only have three months to get myself in great shape for my New Orleans Trip. I gotta start immediately.

I’m in a very good place right now to set myself up to be in an even greater place. 2017 has been good for me personally, and I’m going to make 2018 even better!

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