Who I’ll Be in 2018

It’s hard to look realistically at a year in the future. For all I know, North Korea could go full on nuclear and we could end up a pile of radiated skeletons in a debris of an apartment while the cockroaches and mutated rats fight for superiority. Okay, I know that won’t happen, but I could write that story. A year is not really that long of a time, but things can change a lot in the year.

I changed jobs. I changed my hair. I’ve written two novellas. All of that happened within a year.

Next year, I want to change jobs again. I want to be working the same amount of days. I like working four days a week. It gives me plenty of time to write and work. I need to be making money a bit more consistently, which my current job does not do. My daily tips range from 20 to 200 dollars. I get that it’s all dependent on customers, but it’s also the business itself. I need to find something that is steady.

I will find a place that ticks off all my boxes. I want some place that I can commune with the regulars and that fits with my personality. I want to find someplace that I can learn to love and become part of the family in the same way that I did for Two Boots or the Book Company when I worked in Brookings. I want to make consistent money and balance my work/life/writing well.

Next year, I will be working out more. My head planting, face scraping led me to no longer work out. I went to the gym once in December which is not at all cool. My knee was causing quite a bit of problems, and although I started walking, I never made it back to the body-weight workouts. If I can make a little bit more money, I can start kickboxing more regularly. That’d help with my overall workout and body shaping that I want to do.

Next year, I will complete two novels. I feel like I am cheating slightly when I say this. I basically already have one novel in the bag. I have two of three novellas written which will turn into a novel. I am currently working on a project with my roommate that ties into them, and I’m working on another novella because I need something to write/edit when I’m waiting for my editors. I want to complete two of them and have them ready to publish in my main ‘Legacy of the Angelus’ line. (If you notice, it has a name now. One step closer to publishing).

Next year, I want to buy my plane ticket to Europe in 2019. This seems like a long shot, but I know I can do this. I have to just keep all my ducks in a row and I should be able to do it. I want to make everything work out for the best. I want to be the person I see blooming inside, and that person travels regularly. If right now because of finances it needs to be once a year, then I am going to travel once a year.

2018 will be a wonderful year for me. I know it’s going to be a wonderful year for my friends because I am going to help them to succeed as well. Two of them will succeed right beside me and that’s a wonderful thought. 2018 will be one step up from the greatness I’ve achieved this year, and will build the momentum to keep me going well into the future.

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