Past is Prologue

2018. Ah. Here it is. Another year has gone, but here we are continuing onward. If you’re like me, you breezed right past the actual celebration. I worked all night, which meant pouring drink to all the revelers and I myself just did my job trying to keep myself from going crazy. I am excited for what this new year is going to bring, and all the possibilities out there for me. There’s a lot of little things that I can’t wait to finish. Past is prologue, and this is chapter one.

For my birthday last year, I told myself that I would not go another year without publishing a novel. Throughout the year, two of my friends published their books. Charmaine published her self-help book. Marc, my roommate, published his novel. And I just spent most of it twiddling my thumbs. In June, I finished the rough draft of my novel. It took me another two months to actually get it started. With the help of Joel and Charmaine, I finished a draft of what became one of a quintet of novellas that will eventually be my novel series. The beginning of the year will be when I complete the rest to accomplish my goals. That journey will be an interesting one full of drama and stress, but overall a sense of accomplishment that’ll tide me over to my next novel.

Joel, one of my best friends, turns 30 this year. I told him ages ago that we should go to New Orleans. I used the money from my last paycheck to buy my plane ticket, clinching that I was going. I have since sent him money for the airbnb that we get to have a place to stay. It’s only three months away, but it’ll be a great journey. We talk just about every day, and he’s one of the reasons why my novella is getting finished. He’s also one of the big reasons why it got started in the first place. He continues to be a great asset, a better friend, and a wonderful co-writer.

I am not drinking as much. Face planting into a cement sidewalk, destroying two of your teeth, and setting you back in health and fitness turned that into a definitive plan. I did not quit for the 100 days that I meant to quit, but I am slowly finding balance. I need to just make sure that I don’t go crazy when I do go out and drink. It’s not easy, but I need to establish a less abusive relationship with alcohol and more of a hangout. That’ll perpetuate better fitness, better health, and better overall productivity.

The last year has really set me up for a good future. It’s put me in the right mindset to move forward like a high powered locomotive. I have finished stories on the horizon. I have travel plans. I have job interviews. It’s going to be a great year and I cannot wait to see what story unfolds. It may h ave taken me 31 New Years to get to this point, but now Chapter One begins.

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