100 Days Healthier Me – Day Forty-One

I am a messy person. I mean this in a lot of conceivable ways. My apartment is filled with clutter upon clutter. I have months old Amazon boxes that have found their way stuffed beneath my bed and everywhere else I can put them. I have books on top of books, on top of books ad nauseum throughout my room, but there’s another side of the mess that I have and am trying to take care of. That’d be my personality.

I am dealing with a New Years Eve hangover today, like many. After work, a couple co-workers and I sat and had several drinks. I tried to drink a bunch of water. And then we started tapering out. When I got home, I remember listing all the things I needed to do out loud to make sure I did them. “Contacts. Phone. Water. Clothes. Trash can.” Over and over again to make sure I prepared myself for tomorrow, and the potential worst case scenario.

I woke up a total of five times to use the bathroom, which told me how hydrated I was. However, I also felt nauseous and my head pounded. It kept on when I finally decided to wake up, shower, and prepare for my day.

This is not the messiest I’ve been. I’ve gotten incredibly drunk and threw myself at the sidewalk splitting open my face and breaking a tooth. That may not have exactly been the situation but it makes for an interesting story. Nonetheless, I need to be careful about the messy side of my life. I can’t just bless this mess and be okay with it. It’s one of the things I need to change throughout the year.

Charmaine and I talked this morning about her own minor hangover. She did not drink the entirety of 2017, a feat which I am super proud of. She had her first drink at midnight, and that one glass gave her a headache the next morning. She has set herself up to only drink in moderation throughout the year, and I want to get behind that.

I want to set up a 3 alcoholic drink maximum or 1 alcoholic drink per hour. Or. Definitely not And. I need to make sure that I keep on the steady and good side of things this year. It’ll help me with my health and fitness and also just help me overall get myself in the right mindset towards alcohol. Of course, I do know myself and know that certain stipulations will apply. It’s why I’m adding one caveat.

Four times throughout the year, I give myself the ability to get hungover. I have a trip planned to New Orleans where I’m celebrating my friends birthday. I will meet up with Charmaine sometime throughout the year and I know I will not be taking it easy. And I’ll give myself two other times to actually just go a bit wild. During those times, I do need to make sure that I’m instantly drinking water, but I still need to moderate my stupidity.

I can bless my mess, but I need to also keep it a bit in check. I don’t need to be squeaky clean, but I need to be able to live with it. I can’t let the mess overtake me. And that’s the big goal for 2018.

If you want to see more of the Advocate of Adventure’s healthy living ideas, her book, or just check her out. You can find out more here at the Advocate of Adventure.

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