Little Steps Tuesday 01.01

We all have a lot of different goals. I mention mine constantly. I also mention how I am not accomplishing them. Yesterday, I thought about setting up little weekly steps to lead me in the right direction. I’ll try for three things starting out that I can do throughout the next seven days and if I accomplish them I will keep with three. If I do not accomplish them, I’ll lower it to something else and discuss the failures and successes next week.

Go to the Gym Twice

I want to just get to the gym. I will probably do something when I get there, but I need to make going to the gym a habit. The hardest part is actually getting up and going there. I can always do some sort of cardio, or I can do my body-weight workout. They’re both really easy things to do and will keep me on track for fitness. However, I have to go to the gym to do it.

No Eating Out (Outside of Work & Starbucks)

Realistically, I have to consider the coffee I get every morning into my life. I also need to not be dropping thirty dollars for a meal of tacos twice a week. It really cuts into my budget and doesn’t work well for the healthy living side of things. I spend five dollars on a cup of coffee daily, which is a big enough expenses. I need to get my almonds at home packaged separately, and find some fruit or cheese to start my day with. It seems like a better way than a blueberry muffin. Besides, I love Starbucks, and it’s where I write. I’m investing in my office space.

No Spending Money (Outside of Expenses)

I have a good budget. It’s one of the things I pride myself in. I figure out about how much I am going to make during a shift, and then I put it in a database. I also put my actually daily tips in there so that I can figure out my overall average. I have all my bills listed and amounts, dates of when things need to be paid, and even my yearly expenses listed. Right now, I’m about to hit a major hurdle in budgeting with an extra 300 dollar monthly expense for my teeth. I need to be hyper focused on my budget. Somehow, I’ve gone the past two days without spending any extra money. I’m actually super proud of myself for not doing it. I need to keep that up.

Sometime over the next week, I do need to go look at clothes. I have a job interview coming up and need to have the right attire for it. I consider this an expenses, although it’s one of the few things I do not have actually budgeted for. I used to love clothes shopping and now it’s a weird burden. Funny how things change.

These are not hard things to do. I need to make sure I go out and buy food sometime this week. I need to find out how much my teeth cost first so I can get started on that. I’ll find that out in just a few hours. Once I get that settled, I work the week away which means I have money coming in and that means buying food, utilizing my budget, and paying for my gym membership. Let’s see how this goes next week.

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